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Joliette Products on Antidote Street

Joliette products for hair care are now available on Antidote Street
"Antidote Street is a brand new online destination for black hair and skin care products. We offer a curated selection of hair and grooming products to remedy those daily woes that we here at Antidote Street, understand too well" " Our passion is removing the faff around product access and making your life that much easier is truly what makes us tick."
We ove what Antidote Street are doing hope that you'll visit their store and pick up some of our gorgeous Joliette goodies with you purchases from them!

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Guest Post: Supporting British Brands – Let’s get Real

Hi All, 

I thought this guest post by the lovely Belinda of  BeUnique Hair Care would be of interest to you. I think Belinda has opened up a great debate on the merits of supporting home grown products and the importance of supporting British Brands especially in light of UK and EU regulations.

Guest Post: Supporting British brands – Let’s get Real
By Belinda Raji of BEUNIQUE Hair Care

There seems to be a tendency in the UK for British naturalistas to be drawn to US hair care products, why is this the case? Some just follow the crowd, led by high subscribing YouTube vloggers whose income is now supplemented through the free products sent their way, and paid for reviews. Although I would like to add, there are a minority of YouTube vloggers who still remain scrupulous and real to the cause, supporting naturals on their journey through unbiased reviews, real advice and heartfelt support for UK brands. Some say price is a big issue, and so therefore choose to remain ‘in the pocket’ of big conglomerate hair care companies failing to understand the economics of the business; ‘big fish’ vs. ‘little fish’, and why price structures are set as they are.

Why am I writing this article? Why today do I feel like going on a mini rant? Because, I’m frankly fed up with small businesses being ignored, today I was witness to yet another US brand making its way to the UK shore, one who has had humble beginnings and accrued much deserved success. But it felt like a slap in the face (if this was a WhatApp message that would be followed by so many emoticons).

I too am a consumer and I love a bargain, or even better, a freebie but since starting BEUNIQUE Hair Care my eyes have been opened to how hard small business owners have to work, how hard it is to go up against big companies. This is made even harder when you produce a good quality product that not only works, but on an aesthetic level looks good and could sit on the shelf next to big conglomerate competition. Having this in my favour has also been my downfall – my projection of product professionalism and being, on the face of it, the same as the ‘big boys’ is somehow supposed be reflected in my prices, but it simply can’t.

I’m not going to dress this up in fancy terms but just explain the reality of it all, the diagram below goes someway I hope to explaining this ‘big fish’ vs. ‘little fish’ dichotomy:

This example is applied to just the product made but the same rules apply when purchasing packaging and labels. Think about this; ‘Big Fish’ can buy packaging for just a penny per jar but ‘Little Fish’ has to pay 80 pence per jar the same can be said of labels. ‘Big Fish’ can buy big, charge more (which seems like less to the customer) and get more profit. Everything costs ‘Little Fish’ more, they charge more than ‘Big Fish’ which seems extortionate to the customer but they earn less profit. The more you spend, or should I say invest in the ‘Little Fish’ the more they can spend like ‘Big Fish’ and in turn pass that down to you, the customer. But like all investments it can take a while to get your pay out.

There are many other things to consider when placing a product in the market and selling in the EU, which we have seen in the past many US companies don’t consider. There are EU regulations that have to be followed and trust me when I say it costs to follow them and it costs not to follow them. Products on the market in the EU all have to be safety assessed; the rules in regards to these assessments have changed in recent years. This has caused considerable cost to small business as all of their products have had to be retested to acquire new sets of paperwork. Products that have water in them need more tests and if you are making products for children these tests can cost even more. Even the way products are labelled are scrutinised and have to meet certain regulations. Unfortunately, (and I’m no whistle blower) there are products on the shelf right now in your local hair shop that shouldn’t be there, and if Trading Standards were doing their job they wouldn’t be there.

Last year I approached several UK brands in an attempt to fight back against the US invasion, I knew that there was strength in numbers and that together we could achieve so much more. I was reading my bible and praying for my business and God planted a seed “The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25. When I read this I knew that had to get this idea off the ground, that, and the fact that I had read on Facebook earlier that day commenting on the fact that ‘we need more natural products in the UK’ I wanted to scream ‘I’m here, we’re here!’.

United Kurls are a collective of UK brands, all owned and operated by beautiful black business women. We are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends and we aim to uplift each other and join together to create a stronger alliance of small businesses. It has become overtly clear in recent years that it’s hard for small business owners to compete with the marketing budgets of ‘Big Fish’ US hair companies. The intention of United Kurls is to be a platform which member brands will use and cooperatively work together to promote brand awareness of our own individual businesses.

We hope to educate UK naturals about the hair care products they have available to them right here in the UK. We want to help them to see that there is choice and that choosing to spend your money with a small business such us the member brands of United Kurls is a real investment. We invest EVERYTHING in our businesses; we are the manufactures of our products, the accountants and the marketing department. We do everything singlehandedly and if that doesn’t warrant some support I’m not sure what does? 

Please let’s get real – support British brands

Belinda Raji 
BeUnique HairCare

What do you think?  Thoughts?

Have your say in the comments box!

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Hollywood Actor endorses and confirms his attendance at Divas of Colour 2015

As you know AfroDeity has the pleasure of being a part of Divas of Colour 2015 sponsoring the event. The winner of the Diva Face competition chosen during the Divas of Colour event will be the brand ambassador for our luxury brand Joliette. Find out more about our involvement Here.

We were pleased to learn that actor Winston George Ellis has today endorsed and confirmed his attendance at this year’s Divas of colour. 

The Pirates of the Caribbean star says, ” it is our responsibility to celebrate the contributions of our women and this opportunity and platform is just the perfect time and place for us to do that. I’m glad to be part of an event that celebrates women and highlight their contributions.”

“It is yet another huge boost to our initiative to bring together women of colour from around the globe in celebration. Having mega Hollywood stars like Winston endorsing and supporting the event is more than we can ask for. I’m truly grateful to him “- Faustina Anyanwu founder.

Winston George Ellis has starred in two of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of all time; – Pirates of the Caribbean and The Dark Knight. An accomplished British actor and a three-times world martial arts champion, Winston has starred alongside Johnny Depp and Kiera Knightley in the first two ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films. Other film credits include roles in Batman: Dark Knight and Shiner (alongside Michael Caine) and – during his 10 years living in Hong Kong – appearances in many martial arts films including Jackie Chan’s Operation Condor, Black Mask starring Jet Li and The Quest, with Jean Claude Van Damme and Roger Moore.

Winston’s passion for working with underprivileged children led to his involvement with a number of charities carrying out educational workshops and inspirational talks to thousands of young people across the UK.

He gives his full support at this years Divas of colour as the event seeks to raise awareness on Depression with their chosen charity – Depression Alliance in association with Lebara Mobile and Dr Kem .

Divas of colour is the largest gathering of world’s most powerful women of colour from around the globe. A special day to celebrate, recognise and reward the contributions of women of colour. Tickets are now on sale to attend the dinner on the 21st of March 2015.

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AfroDeity & Joliette on BEN TV and OH TV

AfroDeity & Joliette on BEN TV and OH TV

Over the holiday period we were lucky enough to be featured once again on the new way to shop. This time featuring some exciting demos of our fabulous Joliette products. 

The products featured are:

Joliette Caribbean Berry Hair Mud Mask can be used a pre shampoo treatment. It contains cleansing bentonite clay, and keratin proteins making it easier for transitioners to manage their hair and for naturals to stretch their hair. It also helps users reduces the amount of heat required to straighten hair.

Joliette Caribbean Berry Hydrating Mist A wonderful hydrating mist particularly during the winter months to freshen up dull dry hair. Hydrate your hair and mist on the moisture. Help freshen up twist outs and protective styles.

Joliette Caribbean Berry Whipped Shea Hair Butter Whipped Shea Butter made especially for hair with our signature Caribbean Berry extracts particularly Pomegranate which helps strengthen the hair follicle and contains lots of nutrients that our hair loves

Joliette Caribbean Berry Hair Treatment Mask This ocean inspired hair mask will transform dull lifeless hair into waves of beauty. Ingredients like sea kelp help the hair rebuild itself and grow stronger and our signature Caribbean Berry extract particularly Pomegranate which helps strengthen the hair follicle and contain lots of nutrients.

What is The New Way to Shop

It is online multi-platform product which covers TV, Online, Mobile and a Web shopping experience; allowing shoppers a truly 360 shopping experience.

Whether this be by watching The New Way to Shop in front of the box or whilst wanting to buy product on your laptop in the kitchen, or downloading product tutorials to buy later on your mobile phone.

We cater for your busy 'need to keep up with the bargains' in haircare and makeup whilst YOU keep up with the demands of a hectic and stressful life.

After decades of frustrating shopping experiences at high-street outlets, where staff appeared to know little about the hair and beauty products they were selling and paying extortionate product prices, Latoya Mhango ( the shows co-founder) believed in a better way of shopping. Boosted by the onset of on-line tutorials and the rise in specialised businesses, the idea was born to create a platform on television.....The New Way to Shop!

The New Way t
o Shop will deliver must see prices; totally slashed for that week only on TV; making it ‘appointment to watch’ television. Produced by BBC Award-winning producer, Trish Adudu.

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Five Ways to Dye Your Hair Naturally

We all enjoy enhancing our look with a swap of hair colour every now and again, but whether you dye your hair at home or in a salon, the chemicals in many hair dyes can do serious damage to your hair. 

To get the best results from these five products, apply to clean hair which is free of any product. You may have to try them at least twice to get intense colour!


Henna is an incredible, natural alternative to synthetic hair dye which can be used to achieve glossy, rich hair colour in many shades. 

To apply, pop some chopped up henna into a bain-marie, covering the pieces with boiling water and stirring until the henna is the consistency of melted chocolate. Apply the henna to clean, dry hair and work through section by  section. After an hour or two you’ll be able to shampoo, rinse and dry you hair and allow the henna dye to develop over the next 24 hours. 


If you search though your makeup draws I am sure you will find quite a bit of unused eye shadow, foundation or blush which can a great way to colour your hair temporarily without damaging it. As these come in a variety of colours hues, you can achieve almost any colour you want and when you want a change. This should easily wash out. 
This video from Jay to Culture UK shows a simple way to get red/golden highlights or do a Faux Ombre
Check Out their blog Here


For centuries, honey has been known to restore the hair’s natural moisture and balance, but it can also serve as a hair lightener! Make a lightening mixture by mixing the honey with some water, to loosen up the stickiness a little! We’ve found a good mixture to be four parts honey to one part water or apple cider vinegar - this can act as a conditioner! 

Let the mixture set for up to an hour before applying all over the head, then covering your hair with a shower cap or cling film. Let the honey sit for a good two hours, even better if you  can manage to keep the honey in your hair overnight for even lighter results. Shampoo, rinse and dry for honey-coloured hair.

Black Tea

Black tea is ideal to use for brunettes, and all you need is 3 or 4 tea bags (or the equivalent in loose tea). Add the tea to two cups of water and bring the whole mixture to the boil. Simmer for 3-5 minutes before letting it cool. You can then apply the mixture to the hair and let it set for around an hour before rinsing it out. 

Bonus tip: those with blonde hair can try the same method  with chamomile tea, or for redheads, give red or rooibos tea a whirl!


To get the best results when using coffee as hair dye, you’ll want to use this method around once a week to keep the colour rich. Mix half a cup of conditioner with three to four tablespoons of coffee for medium length hair, until the coffee has dissolved.  Once applied, leave it on for at least an hour before washing out.

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Twitter Friday Freebie with Black Hair

Head Over to Twitter right now Freebie Friday. Follow @blackhairmags on Twitter and RT to win!! A gorgeous Joliette Hair Care Hamper! 
  • 150ml Hydrating Mist 
  • 150 ml Hair Treatmnet Mask
  • 60ml Curl Me Soft


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United Kurls Christmas Pop Up Shop

Join us at the first United Kurls Christmas Pop Up Shop!

United Kurls are a collective of the UK’s finest natural hair care brands will be hosting our Christmas Pop Shop at Stone Bar, Honor Oak Park. Exclusive deals are to be had, and limited Christmas United Kurls hair care hampers will be on offer.

Nine brands in total make up the collective of United Kurls; a group of passionate business women have come together to bring you the best that the UK has to offer in natural hair care products.

Almocado, AfroDeity, BEUNIQUE Hair Care, Curly By Nature, I Love Afro, Mane Divas, Naturally Simple Hair Care, Sheabutter Cottage and Shea Decadence will all be at the pop shop, so come along and stock up with your favourite brands or try something new!

Buy Your Tickets Here or visit the United Kurls Website

United Kurls was formed earlier this year, with the primary focus being to raise the awareness of good quality natural hair care products made right here in the UK. The Christmas Pop Up Shop will be the first event of many that the collective will be doing in order to elevate the profile of UK brands and encourage UK naturalistas to support small businesses.

Hope we see you there!

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Myth-busting: Three tall tails about your natural hair

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what you can and can’t do with your natural hair, some of which might put you off transitioning to natural hair! But what is the truth? We’ve picked three of the most widely believed myths to calm your nerves,

Natural hair is hard to manage

Only if you treat your natural hair in the same way that you treat straight hair! So actually, natural hair isn’t harder to handle, just different. You can’t use the same tools and techniques and expect the same results that you would on straightened hair, but once you learn to treat natural hair in a way which doesn’t alter it, it can be managed easily. Pick up the new
  routines and work with your natural hair!

Natural hair is strong

It looks strong, right? But in reality natural hair is extremely delicate and needs to be treated with care and love. Arm yourself with wide tooth combs, natural ingredients and your own fingers to treat your hair with the respect it deserves.

Natural hair doesn’t grow

First off, everybody has a predetermined hair length due to genetics, but black hair has a tendency to shrink up, which leads to the belief that it doesn’t grow long! Actually, with proper care and attention your hair can be as long as it can without the need to use harsh chemicals to relax or perm it. Hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month, so if your hair isn’t growing it may be more down to lack of proper care more than anything else!

More from Myths and Legends:

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Caring for Afro Kids Hair

There is surprisingly little information online when you start to look out for tips on caring for afro hair for babies, but this isn’t due to lack of demand! Mummies (and daddies) everywhere are looking for the best way to look after little ones locs, so find out below what we’d recommend!

Lack of moisture is the number one killer of black hair, so getting your hands on a good all-natural conditioner early on is essential. It’s difficult to suggest one product  without knowing a baby’s specific hair type, but extra dry hair could get a lot from a moisture-rich conditioner, whereas as hair which is more oily would benefit from one that’s more water-based.

Secondly, just as you do with your own, remember that you don’t need to wash your child’s hair every day! Whilst oil can weigh finer hair types down and make it greasy looking, black hair is much more susceptible to being dry, so to try and prevent damage and breakage you want to hold on to those build-ups of natural oils. How often you wash your child’s hair is up to you; some people go for fortnightly, others weekly, just not daily.

Finally, bows and clips are going to soon be your best friend! It’s really in your child’s best interest that you keep their hair tucked away safe and sound, whether this be in braids, twists or something else, because it’s then protected from the damaging wind and sun. For boys, you really shouldn’t cut hair against the growth pattern, so a trip to a black barber is advisable. 

The best thing you can remember is that your child’s hair won’t automatically be like yours, so whilst you may already have a basis in how to look after black hair, don’t assume what works for you will work for them!

Want more check out these posts: 

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Three Festive Up Do's for the Christmas Party

We don’t know about you, but we usually spend so long worrying about what we’re going to wear to the work Christmas bash that we completely forget about our hair! Then we have a last minute panic, which isn’t good for anyone, especially when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself. We looked up some awesome Up Do How Tos and brought you the best. Look at these beautiful up dos for natural hair inspiration this season.  

The Post-Twist Out Scarf Up-do  

1. Part a small section in front for your fringe, and pin it up.
2. Put the rest of your hair in a high ponytail.
3. Take down your bangs, and roll any excess hair under and pin.
4. For an everyday look, finish with a scarf, but because it’s Christmas why not add some sparkle and glitz?
This one by Loxa Beauty is just divine:

Rope Pompadour
  1. Start by flicking all your hair over to the front, dividing into two sections then twisting all the way down. 
  2. Then, twist the two twisted sections together to make the rope twist - all the twisting! 
  3. Secure it with a band at the bottom.
  4. Pull the whole twist around itself and secure by tucking the end under the base of the twist.
  5. Secure the whole thing - plus any flyaway - with a pin  and ta-da! 

 Here is a video by the gorgeous Checalocs showing you how it is done

Heatless Curls

We took the advice of Kelsey from life with Cocoa and tried Heatless Curls her way!

  1. Start out with dry, stretched hair and part your hair however you like it to fall.
  2. Part your hair into four sections so that you can apply the roads section by section. 
  3. Divide about an inch of hair and spray with water, make sure your hair is just damp and not soaking!
  4. Smooth your hair out using a bristle brush then, starting at the end of your section, roll a flexi rod from the end of your hair to your scalp. Bend the two ends of the rod together to secure  then repeat for the rest of your hair. 
  5. Once you’ve secured all the rods, you can sit under a hooded dryer or sleep with the rods in overnight - just make sure that your hair is 100% dry before you take the roads out!

Take out the rods and then begin to separate the curls, shake and fluff the curls to your liking and voila! 


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