5 Male Afro Hair Vlogger/Bloggers You Should know

Hi All,

I just finished watching a video shot in Denmark about straightening black men's hair. This video was shot in 2012 and I was kind of  upset that they would change a young boys afro from beautiful curls and relax it. The relaxer process was necessary because the boys hair was uncontrollable and difficult to manage. Sigh* Change the record already!

Still looking for ways to groom your natural hair and want to hear it from a male perspective...

Men of Britain, I have put together a list of 5 of your own! It was actually hard to find very many that run for longer than a year but here you go.

1. AfroHair Addictions UK

Based in the UK, Tyronne's videos are watched worldwide by both men and women

2. The Artistic Gemini

A male hair journey and fitness blog

3. Long Hair Aaron US
For the science and psychology of black hair. Aaron's blog is an excellent YouTube resource.

Vlog dedicated to fashion, business, natural hair and grooming.

5.  Gemelo330
The doctor talks about his hair journey, natural hair and more

Shout Out to some other male Hair Bloggers

Check these guys out!

Tell us about your UK blog dedicated to Afro Hair from a male perspective and be one of the first to review new Caribbean Men 'Chill Winston' products!

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Black Female Empowerment: Pearl Woman Magazine

I am so very excited about the new magazine from the fabulous Fauntee Bon and the team at Chub magazine: Pearl Woman

After hearing Fauntee speak about female empowerment and how much further we have to go in terms of female respect especially for those of us of colour, I was incredibly excited to hear more. 

My co-judge from the Diva face competition, Divas of Colour 2015  Diana Tembe graces the cover for the first issue and looks just breath taking! Diana is the executive director of African Fashion Week Amsterdam and is often referred to as 'the black pearl of fashion'.

Pearl Woman magazine is a new women focus magazine coming soon in the UK. The FREE bimonthly magazine has been compared with the likes of Ebony, Essence and some actually has called it Essence of London. Pearl Woman magazine is set to bring you inspiring, fun, career, events, fashion and beauty updates about successful women by professional women. Targeted to women between 25 and 50 years. Profiles of women who finally got it right, interviews from women who are doing it for themselves, climbing the ladders and shattering the glass ceilings in their own way. This is a magazine to give women of every background voice in the most inspiring way. Launching in July and is free and is set to be made available to tens of thousands of Londoners and the world with a free print, and free digital editions. Advertisers, partners, contributors are urged to get in touch now to place their orders. Shops, outlets, beauty salons and spa homes who wish to have free copies for their clients’ pleasure can also contact us. However, to receive your copies first in your home, you will need to pay for the postage and package. This service is available to audience world wide. Simply subscribe on the official website.

If you haven't as yet heard about Pearl Woman, read more about the magazine HERE

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Hair Freedom on @BBC_Raw

Watch @BBC_RAW video 'Hair Freedom' on the struggles and joys of embracing afro hair, in a straight hair world

I recently came across a short online documentary that Zindzi Drayton made for the BBC on natural hair. In her film, titled 'Hair Freedom', she speaks to young Black British women about the joys and struggles of embracing afro hairstyles, in a society that idolises straight hair, even for Black women. 

'Natural hair' is defined as Afro textured hair that isn't chemically straightened. In our society and throughout the world, straight hair is so normalised that a large number of black women chemically straighten their Afro texture. Touching on topics from rocking an Afro in the workplace to the legacy of slavery, I find out the pressures and joys of women who have embraced their 'natural hair'.

Watch and comment below!

You can also watch this  here: http://youtu.be/uzRAGGRttSw
You can contact Zindzi on Twitter @zindzi_rd

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United Kurls present Lounge & Learn

United Kurls, a collective of UK hair care brands, are pleased to present ‘The United Kurls Lounge’, a bi-monthly shopping experience that will highlight home grown UK small businesses as well as provide informative sessions on hair care & products.

‘Lounge and Learn’ while you shop!

LOUNGE: come and hang out with the members of The United Kurls Collective and other exciting fashion, jewellery and skincare brands.

LEARN: We have 2 exciting sessions designed to boost your knowledge of hair and the industry

Lounge and Learn Session 1: ‘Is it worth it?’

Why are handmade products more expensive? Almocado & Sheabutter Cottage explain what goes into making natural products, how to read the labels & make the best choice for your hair.

Lounge and Learn Session 2: Building a hair care regime

Guest speaker & author Dr. Lola Akingbola of Lolascurls.com shares some simple steps to building a hair care regime.

Come and shop, lounge and learn!

This is a free event but registration is needed.

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Curl Centric Colouring Book : New Release

Hi All,

I recently came into contact with Akira Byrd, the owner of Curl Centric. She told me about a colouring book she had created for little girls, with curly /kinky hair types. I was really pleased to hear this as no matter what we tell our children they come to their own decisions and ideas and they just generally view the world in a completely different way to an adult. 

I love that the new book is for kids with curly hair and that the drawings have such differing textures and styles. Just like the little girls that will be colouring them.

Over to the guys at CurlCentric:

CurlCentric.com has created a new colouring book to give children a positive portrayal of curly haired people, so they don't feel isolated by one of their defining features.

Curl Centric Publishes Curly Kids Coloring Book To Help Children See Positive Portrayals Of Curly Hair. Curly hair is often considered a nuisance for those who have it, but its true potential is far more varied than straight hair can be. Unfortunately for curly haired children, their minority status can see them subject to bullying and derision. As such, it is important that this is counterbalanced with positive messages. As the media cannot be relied upon to show curly hair in a positive light, people have been left looking for alternatives, and Curl Centric has provided one. They have just published a new Natural Hair Coloring Book for children with curly hair.

The  Curly Kids Coloring Book is a new product, and was created because Curl Centric understands the importance of representation. It is important for little girls with textured hair to see images that look like them. The book features more than thirty different images, including action shots, mermaids, princesses and ballerinas.

The girls in the colouring books have also arranged their hair in a variety of styles that range from cornrow braids, puffs, two strand twists, bantu knots, wash and gos, locs and many more, to show girls with curly hair the amazing potential their hair has to be defined and redefined.

A spokesperson for Curl Centric explained, "Those with naturally curly hair in the media tend to straighten it, leaving little girls without role models. The colouring book is designed to fill that void and offset the lack of representation. This is just the beginning however, and showing girls it's possibly to have a curly haired princess or action hero will open them up to a world of possibilities for their own hair, many of which can be found on our website. The book is available now, and we advise all parents of curly haired children to order a copy."

For more information about Curl Centric and this innovative new book, 
Visit http://www.curlcentric.com/
Buy the Curly Kids Coloring Book HERE!

Akira Byrd

Curl Centric 
Phone: 205-565-8653 

 Curly Kids Coloring Book

Curly Kids Coloring Book
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Why I love Science Fiction?

Why I love Science Fiction & Fantasy and  
its importance for Equal Representation in the Media?

I make no secret of the fact that I am a total geek and love all things sci-fi and fantasy. Recently I found myself re-watching what has to be one of the best science fiction programmes that has graced our screens in a long time. The show was cancelled and the science fiction fan community was up in arms. Years on and even a main stream programmes like Waterloo Road is still making jokes about the shows untimely and unnecessary cancellation. The show was definitely a favourite in my house and I can honestly say although I love all the characters, my favourite has to be Zoe Washbourne, played by Gina Torres.

Female actresses from Firefly/ Serenity (source)

Gina Torres as Zoe Washbourne (source)

So what does all this have to do with equal representation in the media.  Well as I said my actual favourite thing about the show is the 2nd in command Zoe Washbourne, played by Gina Torres. She plays the first officer and loyal wartime friend of Captain Mal Reynolds played by Nathan Fillion aboard his ship - Serenity.Not just a stunning woman but an amazing actress. Zoe Washbourne is beautiful, strong and confident and wasn't just there as eye candy or the even stereotypical mama figure. Even though she was bad a** she never came across(to me anyway) as the angry black woman, and I loved that. She was someone on screen I could actual connect with, and that the time for such a popular show was rare indeed.

So why do I love this genre so much?

Well in terms of seeing people like myself on the screen, I think Sci-Fi has nailed it. At times I find Fantasy can be a little white washed and even when a white character is replaced by an actor of colour in a live action fantasy movie, this character is usually male. Science Fiction, however,  often shows us what the future could be if we are at our best or at our worst. If you truly think X-Men is just about super heroes then you have missed a trick. Sometimes sci fi can highlight injustices in our own society and what could happen if we don't  (for example) embrace our differences or change our attitudes to women and people of colour, then we will be doomed to repeat mistakes of the past.

Joss Whedon talking about Firefly on Wikipedia:

"The show [firefly] explores the lives of a group of people who fought on the losing side of a civil war and others who now make a living on the fringe of society, as part of the pioneer culture that exists on the fringes of their star system. In this future, the only two surviving superpowers, the United States and China, fused to form the central federal government, called the Alliance, resulting in the fusion of the two cultures. According to Whedon's vision, "nothing will change in the future: technology will advance, but we will still have the same political, moral, and ethical problems as today"."

Star Trek's Uhura (source)

Science Fiction is a place where I know I will see more women of colour. As a child I grew up idolising Nichelle Nichols as Nyota Uhura. Star Trek was ground breaking in having a Japanese and Russian crew member on board a star ship along with a black female communications officer. Something that was just not seen on television in the 1960's when it debuted.

So I was incredibly happy to see Halle Berry in a new sci-fi TV series 'Extant' and she was Fab! Just Fab!!!

Halle Berry Gorgeous in Extant (source)

As for the gorgeous Tip in the new Dream Works Sci-Fi 'Home', I don't think I have ever seen my daughter happier!

As for fantasy, I am seeing more women of colour each day! 

Nicole Berhare as Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hollow(source)

Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney in Gotham (source)

Tara P Henderson(Person of Interest) (OK I just love Tara P but this is sort of geeky sci fi/fantasy)(source)

In most of these fantasy series these women are often side characters to the main white male role, but you know what...still represented and maybe we will see more shows like Extant where it was all about Halle!! 

What do you think? Are we seeing a new place for women of colour in sci fi/fantasy?
or is this only place that mainstream media think that we can fit (like aliens or zombies)?

Comments below!!

I told you to watch out for more geeky posts! Enjoy the pics!
Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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Event: Afro Hair & Beauty 2015

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that Afro Hair & Beauty Live is back for its thirty forth year taking place on 24th and 25th of May at the Business Design Centre in Islington. Here is some more information from Afro Hair & Beauty Live.

This May brings you Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE, Europe’s biggest hair, beauty and lifestyle exhibition for young black women. A two day event bringing you the ultimate hair, beauty and well-being experience, will be held on May 24th and 25th at the Business Design Centre, Islington. Afro Hair and Beauty LIVE is the perfect event to welcome summer, and like the colours of the season, the event promises to be just as exciting, showcasing an array of fashion, techniques, practices and hair. 

As with every year, the runway shows are an event highlight and a great chance to see the latest trends for 2015. There will be talented up and coming designers showcasing their work and should you see anything that takes your eye- you can head down to the Fashion Boutique and bag yourself a one-off piece. 

With many of the industry’s leading brands exhibiting at the show, you will be able to check out the latest product innovations, services and you can take advantage of free samples and live demonstrations. 

Treat yourself by escaping to the pampering zone, unwind and de-stress with a mini spa experience which has plenty on offer from facials, massages and manicures to professional eyebrow threading and Henna tattoos- all at discounted prices. 

Back again this year will be WAHL’s Battle of the Barbers competition where barbers from all over the UK go head to head in a bid to show off their skills in a styling showdown. 

Meet the experts - Our seminar program and workshops will be lead by specialists with years of experience across a number of fields including hair and beauty, health and wellbeing and personal development. 

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE makes for a great day out with family and friends for the next Bank Holiday. You can enjoy the FREE seminar programme but make sure you arrive early to avoid disappointment, as seats fill quickly. There will be many giveaways up for grabs across both days.
Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 
24th & 25th May 2015 
Business Design Centre, 
52 Upper Street, London N1 
Nearest Tube: Angel 

Afro Hair and Beauty LIVE 2015 promises its patrons a holistic experience focusing on Hair, Beauty and Well-being. We at Afro Hair and Beauty champion the message a beautiful inside radiates beauty outside. So we are proud to introduce a number of products featuring for the first time at this year’s show, geared towards your mind, body and hair. 

Ebony Pink will premier this year with a new range of products and services. Visitors will be introduced to their Dual Powder which is a foundation and powder all in one providing medium to full coverage as well as their Cream Foundation which gives full coverage with a matte finish. Enjoy a special show offer of 15% off all products as well as £15 back massages lasting 30 minutes, concentrating on the areas of relieving aches, pains and muscular tension.

Also exhibiting at this year’s show is CANTU with a wide range of new hair products. This product line includes the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream which defines, conditions and adds manageability to curls as well as the Cantu Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream which is ideal for remedying dry, damaged hair and provides intense moisture and strength. Other CANTU products includes the Define and Shine Custard, Creamy Hair Lotion, Moisturising Twist and Lock Gel along with the Sulfate Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo.

New also to the show is Christal Cosmetics, displaying their range of Botanical products geared towards the special needs of today’s Women of Colour. This tailored line contains a combination of products especially formulated to deep cleanse, nourish, soothe, protect, heal and enhance black skin. They will also be giving away £100 in products to a lucky patron! 

The show doesn't end there!!! Come and enjoy a wide range of seminars geared towards hair and wellness. 

Mixed Chicks will be hosting a seminar titled Embrace your curls, Versatility Rocks! as well as Ultra Black Hair who will be speaking on “Hair Care, Hair Myths and Hair Growth.

Pilates and Wellness for Women shall lead the discussion on Health and Nutrition, organs and systems and how focusing on getting your body to perform at optimum level will reflect in the health of your hair, skin and overall well-being. 

It wouldn't be Afro Hair and Beauty LIVE without lots of competitions and giveaways. Look out for the Face of Afro Model Search in partnership with Starfish Model Management where a male and female editorial or commercial model will be selected to be the FACE OF AFRO 2015. 

This May’s Bank Holiday will be geared towards the celebration of colour, the exploration of techniques and products that exemplifies beauty. 

Stay in the know by visiting their social media platforms listed below! 

Website: www.afrohairshow.com

Instagram : Afrohairandbeautylive
Facebook :Afrohairandbeauty Live
Twitter: @afrohairshow

For interviews and press enquiries please contact: Caribe Breese Press Officer-pr@afrohairshow.com/ 07479308722

Will you be there??

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity
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Joliette Introduces their new Brand Ambassador

Joliette introduces their new Brand Ambassador: Vashtina Johnson BSc


After winning the Divas Face competition 2015 in March, AfroDeity caught up with the new face of Joliette: Vashtina Johnson

Motto:  "If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it." Muhammed Ali

My name is Vashtina Johnson, my forename is partly derived from the bible, The Book of Esther where Queen Vashti was a defiant Hebrew Queen. So I'm a Diva by nature!

I am proud of my Jamaican heritage and honoured to be a descendent of one of Jamaica's National Heroes, Nanny, leader of the Windward Maroons. ‘Granny Nanny' was born in Ghana, West Africa, and was a member of the Ashanti tribe. My cousin is the great Dr. Collin L.G Harris, former Colonel of the Moore Town Maroons.

Academic & Career achievements
I'm a British born Jamaican with 2 degrees under my wing. I attained the first in Beauty Therapy & Health Studies, the second in International Spa Management.

During my studies I enjoyed 9 years employment in the spa, beauty and cosmetic retail industry working as a Senior Spa Therapist in high profile organisations such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols and the Sanctuary Spa. Following on from working as an Interim Spa Manager at The Riverside Health & Racquets Club I moved into administration within the NHS.

After spending 2 years organising rehabilitation exercise classes for mobility impaired elderly people, in 2012 I set sights on revolutionising the Geriatric health system in Barbados. I designed a business plan to merge spa therapies with orthodox healthcare. The chief officials within the Ministry of Health praised my proposal as a laudable idea, however they were not in a position to fund the service.

I'm currently excelling in 2 careers; one is as a full-time Executive PA for the Professor of Medical Physics & Bioengineering. This role extends to provision of admin support for a team of gifted medical scientists and technicians.  Additionally I'm a freelance catwalk and commercial model and recently directed my first charity fashion show for Children with Cancer UK. With support from a dedicated team of volunteers, I was able to donate £1,217 and intend to continue these Charity Fashion shows, supporting a new childrens charity per event.


I feel extremely honoured and privileged to be part of the Divas of Colour organisation, which was selflessly established by Fauntee Bon to recognise the difference our prominent women of colour make to society.

On March 21st 2015 I felt so spiritually elevated to be surrounded by so many inspiring women of colour and look forward to promoting the work of these high achievers.  

As Diva Face 2015, I will continue to strive to be a leading humanitarian, using my status and talent to improve quality of life for socially and economically disadvantaged people.

Vashtina accepting her prizes at Divas of Colour

How do you relax?
Most treasured relaxation method is a hot bath filled to brim with Himalayan bath salts to purify airways and ease muscular tension. 5 drops of lavender angustifolia allows me to sink into that ultimate 'chillaxation' mode! I eat light and always drink South African redbush tea before bed to allow for deep restful sleep. 

Additionally I enjoy watching astronomy shows- theres nothing more meditating than watching planets float in space and miraculous star formations! 

What's your typical day like?
Typical working day begins with a prayer of thanks to the Most High and asking for guidance and protection for the day. I then check through messages for model castings followed by a hot shower shower and power-dress for my Executive PA role. I take my personal grooming and presentation very seriously as it helps boost my self-esteem and correctly projects my character. Proud, glamorous, mature & wise. 

When I reach work I engage in early morning  banter with the admin team; catch up on emails before entering a briefing meeting with my boss, the Professor of Medical Physics & Bioengineering. 

The rest of working day involves multitasking between deciphering scientific emails, managing and distributing medical equipment to scheduling meetings for the senior management team. 

During my journey home I respond to messages as required and try to plan ahead as much as possible. On reaching home I shower and prepare evening meal. I love to relax on my recliner sofa and watch either a sci-fi/fantasy movie, the Sky at Night, the Discovery Channel, FashionOne TV or the news.  Evening ends with mini spring clean of kitchen before preparing outfit for next working day.

What's the most remarkable thing you've achieved as a person and as a model?

In February 2015, I used my Top Model UK finalist status and personal funds to direct, market and co-produce a Charity Fashion Show for the Children with Cancer UK charity.

I began organising by first setting a date and decided on the 27th as it tied in with the hype of London Fashion Week events. I then searched for an affordable venue whilst simultaneously scouting for top models & designers via facebook. During the lead up to the event I found I had experienced industry professionals mentoring me throughout the planning journey. Haylee Venus, entrepreneur and founder of the Inspiring Edge Fashion Show was a great inspiration. She advised on ticket sales methods, model rehearsals and the order of event program schedule. She also sent in her team members, notably Model Coaches Lana Alfred & Hayley Jackson to choreograph the catwalk shows. 

Other great supporters were photographers Josh Daniels, Karlton Chambers, actor Yurj Buzzi, Lead Catwalk Choreographer Reuben P Joseph, model Kelly Kenubia and Face of McLaren Technologies model Maurisa Coleman.  The majority of my mentors I made my non-financial sponsors as a means of recognition and show of gratitude. 

The day of the event went phenomenally well and despite slight technical issues with PA system, all participants and guests enjoyed the event. 

I was extremely pleased to find there were many press representatives in attendance. The multiple flashing paparazzi lights certainly helped add star quality ambiance to the show! The ultimate achievement was the success in raising £1216.75 for the Children with Cancer UK charity. 

Who is your greatest icon of all time and why?

Without question my mother is my no.1 icon. She always perseveres against all odds, putting others needs before her own during times of hardship. My mother is my ray of sunshine and I adore the way she sees the positive in every negative situation. I put her on a pedestal as a leader, intellectual, closest friend & no.1 diva!

Why are you passionate about volunteering with charities?

I’m an inherently selfless person, I do not give to receive but rather give to assist and feel rewarded in making a difference however big or small. Charities exist to appeal to the public for financial support in order to help improve quality of life for those in need. Without charitable giving from people like myself, the suffering of disadvantaged people would become more widespread and overt.

I'm currently in startup phase of organising my next Charity fundraiser, this will be an extravagant affair with varied entertainment acts and exciting catwalk routines to raise awareness of child poverty in the UK. 

I welcome all businesses who would like to offer financial or non-financial support. You can register your interest via email rella_cinder@yahoo.com

You can also follow Vashtina on Facebook: Vash Tina-Model

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Joliette Hamper Giveaway

It's giveaway time again! Just to give you a heads up this ends on March 31st!!!!

This time we have collaborated with the lovely Dawn from the 'What Dawn Did In Heels' You Tube Channel 

Win this Joliette hamper by AfroDeity

To enter:

1. Be subscribed to whatdawndidinheels on youtube;
2. Write "enter me" ONCE in the comment section.
Competition closes Wednesday 31st March 2015

You can buy Joliette Hampers from the AfroDeity Store

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity!
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Joliette Products on Antidote Street

Joliette products for hair care are now available on Antidote Street
"Antidote Street is a brand new online destination for black hair and skin care products. We offer a curated selection of hair and grooming products to remedy those daily woes that we here at Antidote Street, understand too well" " Our passion is removing the faff around product access and making your life that much easier is truly what makes us tick."
We ove what Antidote Street are doing hope that you'll visit their store and pick up some of our gorgeous Joliette goodies with you purchases from them!
Antidote Street
Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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