Hair Freedom on @BBC_Raw

Watch @BBC_RAW video 'Hair Freedom' on the struggles and joys of embracing afro hair, in a straight hair world

I recently came across a short online documentary that Zindzi Drayton made for the BBC on natural hair. In her film, titled 'Hair Freedom', she speaks to young Black British women about the joys and struggles of embracing afro hairstyles, in a society that idolises straight hair, even for Black women. 

'Natural hair' is defined as Afro textured hair that isn't chemically straightened. In our society and throughout the world, straight hair is so normalised that a large number of black women chemically straighten their Afro texture. Touching on topics from rocking an Afro in the workplace to the legacy of slavery, I find out the pressures and joys of women who have embraced their 'natural hair'.

Watch and comment below!

You can also watch this  here:
You can contact Zindzi on Twitter @zindzi_rd

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

United Kurls present Lounge & Learn

United Kurls, a collective of UK hair care brands, are pleased to present ‘The United Kurls Lounge’, a bi-monthly shopping experience that will highlight home grown UK small businesses as well as provide informative sessions on hair care & products.

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LOUNGE: come and hang out with the members of The United Kurls Collective and other exciting fashion, jewellery and skincare brands.

LEARN: We have 2 exciting sessions designed to boost your knowledge of hair and the industry

Lounge and Learn Session 1: ‘Is it worth it?’

Why are handmade products more expensive? Almocado & Sheabutter Cottage explain what goes into making natural products, how to read the labels & make the best choice for your hair.

Lounge and Learn Session 2: Building a hair care regime

Guest speaker & author Dr. Lola Akingbola of shares some simple steps to building a hair care regime.

Come and shop, lounge and learn!

This is a free event but registration is needed.