Guest Post: 5 Easy Ways to Look Professional

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Since I started my natural journey I am always looking for ways to feel more comfortable in a corporate environment without having to change my hair too much or who I am.
Here are a quick easy guide from our guest poster Tamara, for those days when you wake up and need to look glam fast!

Over to you Tamara

5 Easy Ways to Look Professional

While you might feel right at home surrounded by the sun, sand and sea with not a stitch of makeup on besides lip gloss, it can be difficult trying to adapt to a professional setting. It can be frustrating when those glorious curls that are the life of the party are suddenly flat and lifeless in our dreary weather giving you a frazzled look rather than a professional edge. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can give your appearance a professional sheen without sacrificing your identity and spirit!

Lip Gloss

While many women believe a full face of makeup makes them look more professional, fear not if you’re used to walking out of the house without a stitch of makeup on. If you’ve got great skin and want to walk bare faced into the office, more power to you. A bit of clear lip gloss is all you need to moisturize your lips and protect them from harsh air conditioning. Even better if it’s a lip gloss that’s made of natural ingredients and is great for the health of your lips.

Olive oil and Natural Oils

Trying to tame your tresses for the workplace can be completely stressful, especially as so many products that claim to work leave behind icky deposits on your hair. Natural oils such as olive oil are a surprisingly effective solution. Just a drop or two can calm flyaway hairs. If you have natural curls, olive oil can tame an unruly ponytail without altering the natural shape and texture of your hair.


If your workplace has casual Fridays, you might face the dilemma of wanting to dress down while still looking professional should you have to see any clients. A well-cut blazer can be thrown over virtually any outfit and immediately helps you to exude an air of professionalism, no matter what you’re wearing underneath.

Nail buffer

Manicures do go a long way towards helping you look more polished. Unfortunately, for many women it’s often neither economical nor practical to get bimonthly manicures. Investing in a good nail buffer and buffing your nails once a month is a quick and easy way to give your nails a nice sheen without having to bother with nail polish remover or going to a nail salon.


While there’s no need to break out the costume jewellry just yet, if you have pierced ears, a simple pair of ear studs ties your look together and adds a little extra something without making your outfit too distracting.

If you’re a firm believer that being professional doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personality, the above tips will help you add little touches to your appearance that will go a long way towards making you look more polished.

Supplements for healthy hair

What makes your hair beautiful? Or maybe I should ask you ‘What is the definition of beautiful hair? ‘Is it the length or thickness or is it its general appearance? And what exactly are you willing to ingest to achieve the two?
Healthy hair is not only dependant on the products you use externally but also on what you consume. For starters your water intake is very important along with your lifestyle and diet. When these are equally balanced and consistency is maintained in those three areas, it almost becomes pointless for one to be on a vitamin ‘regimen’. Supplements are meant to complete what is lacking and therefore if you are not lacking terribly or at all in one vitamin or another then it is wise not to self-diagnose and take supplements without a physician’s go ahead or supervision.
It is very important that you do not self-diagnose. You really shouldn’t overdo taking supplements even when you do eventually get a go ahead to take supplements. If at all you do start taking supplements in excessive quantities, your body will use what it needs and discard the rest. So always stick to your recommended daily allowances. Use of supplements in excess can lead to break outs and other chronic side effects. Vitamins A, E, D, and K are fat soluble vitamins that are stored in the liver. These vitamins will accumulate when taken in excess and can be toxic with adverse side effects.

Most supplements interact differently with each other and in most cases these supplements neutralise the effects of the other. Let’s take for example Zinc and Sulphur both of these are known to be very beneficial in order to attain healthy hair. However Zinc neutralises Sulphur. The same way Zinc competes with Iron which competes with Calcium. So when taking these nutrients in such combinations you must consider that they are working against each other and not for the greater good of beautifying your hair.
You need to realise that there is so much to consider before resorting to taking supplements targeted at improving your hair. You need to ask yourself the following questions. What vitamins should I take and why? Who is the best medical professional to seek advice from? Which brands are best? How many different pills should I take and how often? Should I double up on the doses and is it safe to do so? Now that I am taking supplements should I skip meals?

Some of the most commonly used supplements for hair are Vitamin C which is vital in maintaining healthy hair. B Vitamins increase hair growth, Biotin and the complex B Vitamins are needed to grow hair. Vitamin B3 is particularly essential when it comes to increasing circulation to the scalp. The B complex supplement is a good supplement as the nutrients work together. The mineral Iron has near similar functions to that of the B Vitamins as it increases blood circulation in the scalp thereby promoting healthy hair. Vitamin A helps to improve the appearance of hair making it lustrous. The most commonly used and sought after supplements when it comes to attaining beautiful healthy hair also include MSM sulphur, Biotin (B7), Vitamin E, Zinc, and Vitamin D. Research is fast expanding and each new day a ground-breaking discovery is made pertaining to supplements that do help to attain healthy natural hair.

It is important that you seek medical professional advice before making a serious decision such as taking supplements on a long term or short term basis for any reason. And remember nothing quite beats having your nutrients and mineral elements coming from natural sources such as water, fruits and vegetables. Having smoothies or indulging in a fresh home-made juice first thing in the morning before you eat anything enables your body to quickly absorb all the essential vitamins and nutrients in their natural state. The consumption of juices is particularly beneficial on an empty stomach and can act as a natural nutrient boost which helps with more than just beautifying your hair. Whichever route you do choose to take remember to do so knowledgeably and in moderation!  

AfridiziakGo Birmingham Winter Fair 2013

(Source: Virtual Extreme Youth Media)

My bro and I went down to Birmingham last weekend for the Afridiziak Winter Gifts and Occasions Fair and had the most amazing time. It was hosted in the Lighthouse Young People Cntre and was a lovely space to exhibit our products.

Afridiziak was created by Deanne Rowe and Sophia A Jackson and this was their fourth Winter Fair in London and their second winter fair in Birmingham. Proceeds from the event went to the Sickle Cell Society and they raised £339 from a percentage of proceeds taken on the door and raffle ticket donations.

Sophia and Deanna at AfriDiziakGO Birmingham

Since 2010, Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions and their unique shopping events have attracted quality exhibitors showcasing the finest selection of merchandise of culturally inspired gifts and products for all occasions. This year has been without a doubt their most successful year to date.

Deanne Rowe, said: “We would like to thank the exhibitors, sponsors and shoppers, new and old for their continued support in what Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions do. We believe in our events and love what we do and aim to achieve even more in the upcoming years. We hope you continue to support us and work with us, whilst we are on our journey”.

Sophia Jackson, said: “Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions prides itself on showcasing the wonderful array of amazing independent retailers celebrating African-Caribbean culture through their unique, culturally inspired designs. Each year we strive to connect shoppers with the finest entrepreneurs through our events across two UK cities and we have exciting plans for 2014 – so it’s onwards and upwards for one and all”.

I spent a lot of time eating Jamaican food goodies from Browins Foods and Wild Cinammon stand. Lovely family businesses based in Birmingham.

There were also T-shirts from the Positive Image Project, Black Toys from AfroToys, Jenny Garrett was there - Rocking her Role! and a seminar by Dr Lola from Lolas Curls with Mane Divas. There were also jewellry and african chlothing stalls and lots of raffle prizes. So much to see and do!

(Photos courtesy of Lensi Photography)  

Here are a few pics from our stand just before the doors opened!

At the AfroDeity Stand

If you came by our stand and tweeted that you were with us you got a free Joliette Gift Bag! Here is one of our customer tweets. She chose the Joliette Caribbean Berry Curl Me Soft in her gift bag!

If you catch us at Divas of Colour, Curlvolution, the Afro Hair & Beauty Show or Keziah Connections in 2014 we will be doing that same deal. Tweet/Facebook/Instagram a pic with us and get a Joliette or Fountain gift bag for free!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity