AfroDeity wins Endorsement from Dragon!

We are very excited at AfroDeity this week! 
Read more about AfroDeity winning Theo Paphitis' SBS Sunday!

Twitter Boost for AfroDeity Ltd

AfroDeity received a business boost from TV Dragons’ Den star and entrepreneur Theo Paphitis. On Sunday, Alicia Thornthwaite, co-founder of AfroDeity Ltd, tweeted Theo about her business during ‘Small Business Sunday’, an initiative set up by Theo that runs weekly.

Theo re‐tweeted Alicia’s message to his 360,000 followers and as a result, in just 48 hours the business ( has 100's of new followers and extra orders for their signature oils and butters from the Caribbean. AfroDeity has also been profiled on a new website ( that is exclusive to Small Business Sunday winners.

AfroDeity features and retails Caribbean Inspired natural hair and skin products. The ultimate goal is to help small farmers in the Caribbean and reinvigorate the declining agricultural industry by bringing natural healing oils and butters to the UK. Their main product is the signature Fountain Jamaican Pimento Oil which is a mixture of oils and herbs grown in Jamaica. A healing mixture noted for natural pain relief.

Alicia Thornthwaite said, “We’ve been in business roughly two years and were looking at ways to grow. It is great to have support from Theo because it’s been difficult trying to raise the profile of our small business. Having Theo recognise our hard work and spread the word about what we do at AfroDeity to his following is a tremendous boost.”

Alicia recently left her job where she worked as a drug surveillance scientist for just under eight years. Alicia and her mother Joliette (a former headmistress) founded AfroDeity on the knowledge of healing herbs, oils and butters passed down through the generations and culminating in Alicia’s great interest in science. As such combining beauty, science and their commitment to the rural Caribbean.

Small Business Sunday, shortened to the hashtag #SBS on Twitter, was created by Theo Paphitis in October 2010. Theo is best known for appearing on Dragons Den on BBC Two. He is Chairman of Ryman Stationery plus Boux Avenue lingerie and Robert Dyas, as well as joint owner of Red Letter Days. Theo is also a mentor and investor to many other business acquainted via the Den including MagicWhiteboard, Wedgewelly and Value My Stuff.

For further information, photos and product samples, please contact Alicia Thornthwaite at AfroDeity Ltd on

For further information about Small Business Sunday please visit

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Caribbean Beauty: More Jamaican Healing Plants

(Source: You Beauty)

Over the last few years I have found out about so many beautiful plants from the Caribbean and the new and exciting products coming from the islands.
I found this post on
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Caribbean Beauty: A New Generation Discovers the Secrets of Yore

Aloe, goats’ milk, papaya…savvy women (and men!) are re-discovering the natural bounty of their beautiful islands.
By  |April 18th, 2013

Like many a smart working woman in Kingston, Jamaica, the hustling-bustling capital city, Michelle Yap-McKay pooh-poohed goats’ milk, dismissing it as a common beverage consumed only by the people living in the rural parts of the country where goats roamed free. Even if the grannies and aunties of the villages touted goats’ milk as an elixir for tight, glowing skin and overall good health, it was definitely not on Yap-McKay’s list.

But then one day, the rigors of the corporate world caught up with her.

“I was getting physically exhausted and sicker spiritually, and I didn’t know what to do,” she says. An herbalist recommended she drink goats’ milk, and very quickly, Yap-McKay realized her grandmother had always been right.

“My skin was softer, clearer, like the layers of old skin had been peeled off and my baby skin was coming out,” she says. In addition to drinking it, Yap-McKay—who also credits goats’ milk for the improvement in her overall well-being—discovered that the fat in it contains high amounts of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), in particular lactic acid, which sloughs off dead cells when applied topically, “in order to reveal absolutely new skin underneath and lighten and brighten the complexion.” Goats’ milk is also packed with vitamin A, which repairs damaged skin tissue, she says, and minerals such as selenium, which can guard against the effects of the sun.

Today, Yap-McKay is a self-confessed goats’ milk convert and the creator of Ital Blends, a brand of soaps and skincare products that seek to leverage the many benefits of goats’ milk and further enhance its properties by blending the milk with a range of different kinds of plants and herbs that are found in the cool Blue Mountains region of Jamaica where she now lives.

She is also one of a small but growing number of Caribbean beauticians, scientists and entrepreneurs who are pioneering a movement to bring back the many natural treasures that the region abounds with and shed light on the cornucopia of plants, leaves, fruits and flowers of the islands that, although a staple part of health and wellness in the past, have been overshadowed in the region’s recent history.

The islands of the Caribbean weren’t always the resort-laden, tourist havens that they are today. These islands have literally been built up from nothing, and for years, their residents just had to make do with whatever was around them. The list is long, and includes the likes of aloe, sorrel (a variant of the hibiscus flower), papaya, prickly pear cactus, licorice and castor oil seeds, to name a few. These and many others can be found throughout the Caribbean, and in the past were used as health, beauty and nutrition staples by generations of island residents simply because, like the sea that surrounds them, they were just there.

Through the years, poverty, economic duress and distance from the mainland have all posed multiple challenges to development in the Caribbean, but so too has the weather, in particular the blinding heat of the tropical sun. It’s almost a blessing that nature has been so bountiful and that plants like the miraculous aloe, whose leaves contain a gel that is simply bursting with nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, and which calms and cools the skin and protects it against the sun, should abound in the Caribbean. The succulent inner layer of the aloe leaf, which Caribbean folk cut out and consume either as juice or as is, is also full of polysaccharides that help enhance the immune system by enabling cells to weed out the toxins and retain nutrients.

Generations of Caribbean men and women have also used aloe for smoothening out their hair. They have fashioned softening and hydrating face packs out of the papaya fruit, which contains, among other ingredients, lycopene (which protects the skin against UV damage), lutein and enzymes that soothe the skin, and used the leaves of the quaco-bush in lieu of soap for its cleansing properties and as a cure for the common cold.

Aching and sore feet have been relieved with Pepper Elder leaves, which have cooling properties similar to menthol, and the prickly pear cactus, a relative of aloe that contains a rare form of antioxidant known to lower blood sugar levels, has also been used to scrub out sand from between toes and fingers, since it contains lignin that when released, takes on a soap-like consistency.

But as much as bush medicine and natural health and beauty remedies played an important role in the Caribbean’s history, that same history has also shaped and conditioned beauty ideals. The historical inevitabilities of slavery and colonialism in particular have left their indelible mark on the region, so that today, the most coveted facet of beauty is, ironically, the least attainable: light skin.

“The colour and the fear of being darker than you are is something that I am sad to say I grew up with, and it is still a top concern in the Caribbean, but not so much from a health angle,” says Patrice Yursik, aka Afrobella, a widely known blogger (she’s onEbony’s Power 100 list, alongside the likes of Jay-Z, Oprah and the Obamas) who celebrates the natural beauty of black women. “I mean, it’s never presented as ‘you should stay out of the sun because you may get skin cancer,’ but ‘because you will get darker,’ so it’s all about skin bleaching instead of sunscreen.”

Indeed, the widespread usage of skin whitening creams is a huge problem on many islands, particularly Jamaica, where skin bleaching has reached such alarming levels that even the poor are spending fortunes they don’t have on commercial products that claim to lighten the skin, some of which may be loaded with noxious chemicals.

That aside, the prolonged usage of commercial skin lighteners and whitening creams is in and of itself dangerous and extremely detrimental to the skin in the long run, says Cheryl Bowles, a former chief chemist for Nestle and the founder of the Cher-Mere line of natural skincare and beauty. Dark skin produces melanin and this makes it naturally prone to dark spots and hyperpigmentation, she says, both of which become exacerbated by the usage of bleaching creams, particularly in a hot and sunny climate.

Like Yap-McKay, Bowles is also looking to bring more women and men in the Caribbean full circle back to where things began, by focusing her line of skincare products and soaps on the idea of overall well-being. Bowles, who now runs spas in her native Trinidad & Tobago and in Barbados, and who is looking to open outlets in Canada and the United States, is bringing her scientific knowledge and experience back home and works closely with the University of the West Indies to study the Caribbean’s many natural plants and flowers to lend scientific backing to traditional beliefs in their properties.

Take sorrel, for instance. The bright red flower is made into a juice that’s drunk at Christmas time throughout the Caribbean, “but our studies have shown us that it is packed with antioxidants and with vitamin C and E that are vital for good skin, so even if our grandmothers did not have the scientific rationale, they knew from intuition and a sense of nature,” she says. Bowles is also studying the properties of bois-bande, a tree species from St. Lucia whose bark was traditionally consumed for its aphrodisiacal properties, but also has very strong astringent properties (she’s integrated it into a line of aftershaves for men); and licorice, which contains glabridin, an element that suppresses the formation of melanin and therefore lends itself well to the skin lightening many Caribbean women desire.

Thanks to product lines like Cher-Mere, a new generation in the Caribbean is slowly but surely coming back to their roots, Yursik says. But the benefits of the herbs and plants of the region are universal, since the power of nature always transcends boundaries.

Hope you enjoy the article. I am particularly loving Ital Blends.

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Keziah Connections: May 2013

So I have come to the end of my updates from the May Bank Holiday. The last event I attended and which I hope to make a regular event that I attend is Keziah Connections. This is usually held on the last Tuesday of every month in a fabulous location in London.

In May Keziah Connections was held at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch with an exclusive area for us in the Patron Bar from 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm

I had the pleasure of meeting so many entrepreneurial Black women. It was both inspiring and motivating.  I left Keziah Connections feeling excited for the future. The route of an entrepreneur is never easy and having others who have tread the path before you tell their story and let you know that you are not alone as well as sharing your journey or your dream with others is an amazing idea.

Here are a few pictures from the night. I was able to meet and connect with so many people I had known of but never met and so many new faces as well:

Natalie Clue welcomes us to Keziah Connections

Thanks to Natalie Clue of Beauty Pulse London for organising such a great event and I plan to attend as many of these as I can in the future.

Tickets for June's Keziah Connections go on sale tomorrow so watch this sapce!

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#BrownBeauty Join the Discussion on Twitter!

Get Involved and join in on the discussion. #BrownBeauty on Twitter this Sunday ay 8pm.

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Event: The Natural Lounge Swap Meet

Calling all Product Junkies the Natural Lounge is having a Swap Meet On July 6th, 2013.
This event is hosted by The Natural Lounge


Downstairs @ Yager Bar - London 
2-3 New Change Peters Hill
St Pauls
EC4M 8EN London
United Kingdom 

Saturday, July 6, 2013 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM (BST)

I have been a product junkie in the past and know that I have products that I haven't even touched.  I now use very few products and try to use only one range at a time if I am trialling them making my regime quite simple. I still get given products by relatives or vuy something that seemed like a good idea at the time. Dont get me started on kids products. Trial and Error!

I have been to clothes swap meets in the past and really enjoyed them. So I just love the idea of meeting up with other naturals to share about our hair and swap some products I don't want at the same time!

Here is a bit more information from The Natural Lounge if you are thinking about going:

Product junkies, don’t you hate it when you try a new product and you just don’t like it, you still have nearly a full bottle left and you don’t know what to do with it? Is your bathroom cabinet full of once used things?
Accessory hoarders, do you have shoes that you wore out once and never again and handbags that are gathering dust in your wardrobe?
Well, The Natural Lounge is hosting a Swapping Event in July in London.
You have the opportunity to try new things and look great whilst reducing waste.  Imagine in the UK alone 2m tons of clothing and shoes go to UK landfill sites every year. This represents nearly 4% of all the waste in Britain that is sent to landfill annually. I’d hate to think how many products end up here.

1.                  Arrive, Register and drop off your products and accessories (10 items max)
2.                  Receive a stamp for every suitable item you came with
3.                  Go in and browse around, pick new items and get some great stuff
4.                  Check out and exchange your stamps for the new things you have chosen

There is absolutely no rush so can you stick around; listen to some music, network with fellow naturals.
What is great is that you can check in and out of the event as many times as you like just make sure you register first and have a wrist band on.  New things will be coming in throughout the day as new people come along.
The venue has an upstairs and a downstairs, we are downstairs, but if you want to use the facilities upstairs just make sure you have a wristband on.  The venue does serve food and drinks so it makes sense to come on down and have some lunch and a few drinks and network with our community. I can’t wait to see and chat with you all.

WHAT CAN I BRING? You can bring up to 10 items. When thinking about what you want to bring, think about what you would like to receive

NEW /NEARLY NEW. Your products should be new or nearly new i.e. you used once and did not like it, please don’t come with bottles that are less than half full as they will be refused.  We are looking for hair products like shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products. You can bring body products but not deodorant or make up. Sample sized products are not permitted.

GOOD CONDITION With the accessories you can bring, shoes, bags, belts, hats and jewellery but double check (because we will) that all the zips and buckles work the shoes are in good condition and not too worn. We will also check when you hand the items in

OTHER STUFFThe event is not suitable for young children or babies. The venue does not allow ticket sales on the door so make sure you get your ticket in advance.. This is a smaller event than Naturally Fabulous so tickets will sell out quickly. By purchasing a ticket you accept that tickets are non refundable.

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Be Natural. Be Blessed. Be Unique.

This is a picture of my haul from Curlvolution.  I got a bit spend happy and bought quite a bit more than I had planned. The first range of products I tried was from BeUnique by Belinda Raj.
I was able to pick up their sample pack which included their brand new Bamboo Shampoo which by the way smells divine. Between this and the Mango Twist, I knew I would be ordering again.

I have just finished my pot of Shea Bliss Deep Conditioner,  so I thought I'd let you know what I think :)
I got the BeUnique Mini sample kit which was enough to try on my short hair twice. If you have longer hair this may only do a section of your hair once. The Mini Sample Kit includes: Mango Twist (25g), Moisture Custard (25g), Butta’ Shine (25g), Shea Bliss (25g), Bamboo Monoi Milk (50ml)

Bamboo Monoi Milk
My second favourite offering from BeUnique was the Bamboo Monoi Milk, Did not dry out my hair and smells amazing!
BeUnique Speil:
This gentle hair cleanser is designed to cleanse the hair shaft and scalp without stripping essential moisture from the hair. The silica in the Bamboo Extract penetrates the hair cortex, promoting stronger hair. Other proteins found in Bamboo extract aid moisture retention in the hair shaft, helping smooth out roughened hair cuticles and making the hair softer, with enhanced sheen. Key Ingredients : Bamboo Extract, Goats Milk Powder, Monoi de Tahiti Oil, Aloe Vera Juice

Mango Twist
My absolute favourite product had to be the Mango Twist. A great moisturiser and I used it on my bantu knots and twist outs. It lasted around 3 days and I really have to get some more of this. Fabulous product.
BeUnique Speil:
Hair styling cream for twists and braids, designed to provide moisture, shine and a light hold for twists and twist outs and braids and braid outs. 
Made with ingredients that will help to aid styling by softening the hair, smoothing the cuticles and providing lasting moisture while the hair is in a protective style. Key Ingredients: Gingko Biloba, Mango Butter, Tucuma Butter, Oat Extract, Broccoli Seed Oil

Moisture Custard
I am also a big fan of the Moisture Custard, turned out to be a wonderful leave in moisturiser
BeUnique Speil
Leave-in conditioning cream to be used after washing the hair to put moisture back in or as a daily moisturiser when required if your hair is feeling dry. Specifically made with ingredients that provide moisture, over 60% of the ingredients in Moisture Custard deliver moisture to the hair! Key Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera Juice, Illipe Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Squalane

Shea Bliss Deep Conditioner
I used this after the Bamboo Monoi Milk and loved the way my hair felt afterwards. I was only able to use this twice and didn't have enough the second time but definitely worth it. Will be going back for more.
BeUnique Speil:
Moisturising deep conditioner, best used after washing the hair to replenish the hair with moisture and provide nourishment. Made with ingredients that will not only moisturise the hair but also help to provide softness, nourish the scalp and feed your hair with essential vitamins and minerals. Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Nilotica Shea Butter, Nettle Leaf Extract, Monoi de Tahiti Oil, Colloidal Oatmeal

Butta Shine
This was my least favourite of the products. Although functionally it did 'what it said on the tin', the smell put me off slightly. A very strong oily scent and as this is an oily mixture was usually the last thing I would put on to seal in moisture (which it did). Apart from the smell another great product.
BeUnique Speil:
This hair butter is designed to lock in moisture, the added bonus is that it also imparts a glossy finish to the hair and makes it feel as smooth as silk. A little goes a long way! Made with ingredients that will help create shine and lock in moisture. Key Ingredients: Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter, Crambe Oil, Sapote Oil, Sweet Almond oil infused with Nettle

All in all, love these products and will be going back for more. I would definitely recommend them. 5 stars for BeUnique.

I also love Belinda Raj's Style, here are a few picture that I caught at Curlvolution

Thanks for taking the time out to read this!
To Visit BeUnique's Store 

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Guest Post: Natural Oils for Your Hair

A Guide To The Best Natural Oils For Your Hair

When it comes to oil, we typically never want to associate it with our hair. Greasy hair is unattractive, and something that all women try their best to avoid, but what about the good kinds of oils for your hair?

There is not just one type of oil for your hair; there are carrier oils and essential oils. The difference is that carrier oils are considered base oils, and they come from the fatty part of plants and nuts. They do not have a strong smell and usually have a very thick consistency. 

Essential oils, on the other hand, are also known as volatile oils. These can come from petals, leaves or bark, and are often used to deliver health benefits. Essential oils can be added to carrier oils to lessen their intensity.

The point is, both of these types of oils are very beneficial for your hair. Because it can be confusing to determine where to start and what to use, we have prepared a guide to help you decipher the benefits of carrier and essential oils for your hair. 

Carrier Oils 

1) Argan Oil 

This oil is a key to keeping hair moisturised and healthy. The impact it has is huge, so sparing amounts are enough to do the trick. Argan oil hair products also helps curly haired girls manage their locks and keep them looking smooth. 

 2) Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil does not actually penetrate the hair -- it acts as a sealant to the hair follicles to lock in moisture, helping your hair stay very soft because it is similar to the actual oils produced by our bodies. Although Jojoba oil sometimes tends to be pricey, the investment is well worth it as the results are exceptional. 

3) Emu Oil 

This may be something you never thought you would use on your hair! Hair care products that contain Emu oil work to keep the scalp and hair healthy because of their antifungal and antibacterial properties. It can also help to strengthen hair, encouraging hair growth. 

Essential Oils

1) Rosemary Oil

This essential oil includes antioxidants, which means that it naturally encourages hair to grow! It contains Vitamin B, iron and calcium, which will decrease the brittleness of hair. 

When massaged into the scalp, the hair follicles are actually penetrated, soaking up all the nourishing properties that rosemary oil has to offer. By doing this, the root of the hair is being taken care of and that stimulates even more hair growth

2) Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has many benefits that will help to improve the overall healthiness of your hair and scalp. Tea tree oil is also commonly known as melaleuca oil

One of the main benefits of tea tree oil is its ability to unclog the pores on your scalp, aiding in natural hair growth. 

3) Lavender Oil 

Something that everyone should know, lavender oil helps treat and prevent hair loss! By using it regularly, hair loss can become a thing of the past. 

Lavender’s healing powers also include being a great antiseptic. It fights against fungus and bacteria that crops up on the scalp, leaving you with a cleaner, healthier head of hair.

4) Thyme Oil 

Similar to lavender oil, when hair begins to thin, thyme is just the thing to pull out of your cupboard. Thyme allows hair regrowth to happen naturally and quickly.

Thyme oil also relieves an itchy scalp that plagues many of us. It can simply be massaged into the scalp for instant relief. 

Essential oils often have to be diluted using carrier oils, but they can be used very sparingly by themselves. Regardless of what oils you choose to use from this list, you will likely see results quickly when you massage them into your scalp directly. 

In addition to using the oils, you can also find hair care products that contain these oils, as well, such as shampoos, deep conditioners and hair treatments. When the oils come in shampoo or other hair products, it is easy to make them a part of your daily routine, getting you on your way to healthy, luscious hair in no time!

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in California whose writing covers a wide range of topics, including skin and hair care, marketing, tech and personal health. She uses these essential oils in her hair each day to maintain its healthy shine and growth. Get more of her tips by following her on Facebook and Twitter!

Strength of Nature Giveaway & Brit Mixer Details

After attending Curlvolution and Afro Hair and Beauty Live I took a break on Saturday afternoon and then headed out to London again. This time I travelled from Essex from my parents house.
Strength of Nature is a large US brand who call themselves House of Brands. Usually I am weary of big American Brands selling products with ingredients I try my hardest to avoid. However I had tried Strength of Natures Beautiful Textures range and apart rom a slightly chemical smell to some of the products in that range, I was really pleased with the results. So I wanted to give this Brand the benefit of the doubt.

Strength of Nature House of Brands encompasses:

African Pride
T: @myafricanpride | #britbeauty

Beautiful Textures
@lovinmytextures | #britbeauty

Elasta QP
@elastaqp | #britbeauty

@megagrowth | #britbeauty

At some point you will probably have used at least one of these brands. This is another reason I am always a bit more reluctant to use these products as it seems like they want you to buy from them no matter what you buy.

Strength of Nature (SON) flew blogger AfroBella over to the UK with her husband to talk to us at Curlvolution and Afro Hair and Beauty. She really is a lovely person and this endeared Strength of Nature to me a little as AfroBella is so down to earth.
AfroBella, Charlene Dance(Marketing Director for S.O.N), Nicole Garner (The Garner Circle PR)

They also flew over blogger Amber who won a competition come to the UK and see what the hair and beauty scene is like here.
The Event was hosted by our very own UK blogger Pelumi Rae of Care For Your Hair (Natural Hair Blog) and I have to say she did an amazing job!

At no point did I feel like I was being sold to. Weird right! I was expecting to be convinced that there products were the best and you should only use SON products. But quite the contrary we were all given full size products to try when at Afro Hair and Beauty and again at the SON Brit Beauty Mixer. They let the products speak for themselves and if you didn't like them that was fine too. The event was free to attend and everyone was welcome.

So if you would like to let the products speak for themselves and want to find out what Strength of Nature is all about here is your chace to win these products.

Comment on this blog post, and like our facebook page to be in with a chance to win these goodies. Competition will run from now until June 15th. Competition is open to the UK & EU!
You dont want to miss out!

Mega Growth Anti Thinning Temple Recovery
Intensely Enriched with Strengthening Proteins, Vitamins and Nutrients (OLIVE, SHEA, AVOCADO, COCONUT & ARGAN) to provide Advanced Strength and Protection. Protects Edges against Breakage, Split-ends and Dryness. Helps Thicken Hairline and Crown // Repairs Weak Fragile Edges. Reduces Temple Breakage Without Build-Up. Excellent as a Daily Anti-Thinning Defensive Treatment for all Hair Styles: Twists, Braids, Locks, Relaxed, Texturized, Extensions and Natural Styles

Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling CustardBeautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard is enriched with Aloe Vera, Coconut, Olive, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Shea and Mango Butter. Achieve amazing manageability and styling versatility for Curly, Wavy, Kinky-Coily or Frizzy hair. Get soft defined curls, bodacious bouncy spirals, and smooth silky tresses while nurturing natural growth of mixed textured hair.

African Pride Olive Miracle Growth OilThis formula is rich in extra virgin olive oil for the ultimate in silky smooth deep conditioned hair and a moisture-rich healthy scalp. Use regularly to help stop breakage, split-ends and dryness. Also excellent for skin, body and nail health.

Also her are a few pictures from the event! Enjoy
Photo Credit: AO Media and The Garner Circle

The Amber Bar

Beautiful Textures Models

Amazing Hair done by Charlotte Mensah

Models with Charlotte Mensah Award winning Stylist

AfroBella with Sugar Kinesis

Its Me! with Valerie

UK Naturals in the House

Remember to be in with a chance to win these products
Comment on this post, like our facebook page to be in with a chance to win these goodies. Competition will run from now until June 15th. Competition is open to the UK & EU!
You dont want to miss out!

Shattered but Excited for the Future!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

PS Any probs just drop me a line

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE: 2013

I was fortunate enough to go to Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2013 over the Bank Holiday Monday for the first time. Being a Sunday I though the train ride down would be relatively quiet. Unfortunately I forgot to take into account the fact that on a beautiful warm Bank Holiday everyone would be out and about and travelling into London. It was a lovely day and the sun was warm so I was happy to take my time getting to the Business Design Centre in Islington where the Show was being held. The Business Design Centre is a beautiful building and was easy to find with signs as you exit the tube station.

Beacuse I had a long journey back I opted to go early on and got there for closer to 11:00. Unfortunately most of the vendors had opted to set up on the day and not the day before which they were allowed to do. This meant that there wasn't really a lot to see when I got there. However I did get to talk to lots of the people at the stands and most were welcoming and willing to tell you about their products.

I really did enjoy talking to all the people behind the names and got really snap happy on the day. All the bigger US brands were there but I would loved to have seen more independent brands and products and particularly more UK brands, these I had to seek out. 

   Curly Kinky(Mixed Roots)     Olive Oil & Mango(US )           Mega Growth (US) 
Lots of makeup brands were there, more than I was expecting! I was especially pleased to see Mary Kay. Whenever we are in Canada my Mum always picks up some of their products. 

 For such a large venue I was expecting more, but as it was my first time I was happy to just take it in. There was enough to keep you occupied and my feet were killing my by the time I'd been around once. I did miss the stage shows as I had to head back but got a few pics below to share with you!

Activilong products were one of EU brands I actively went looking for. Edwina was such genuinely nice person and so far while using their products I am definitely impressed.
I also got to meet Jane Carter who was also lovely, they had lots of new products which I am also excited to try.

Mixed Chicks                                       No Scrunchie (UK)

Noire Essence (UK Brand)                     Officially Natural( lovely ladies (UK))

Crystal Swartzkov Edgestick                         Black Hair Magazine
 Magazine Haul
Got my subscription of Black Hair Magazine and Black Hair and Beauty. 

More Pics from the day

 Arise and Shine (UK Brand)

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity