My current regime

Hi All,

I just finished my monthly cleanse routine.
My current routine now involves once a month using Bentonite clay to cleanse my hair and scalp.
Especially as I have chosen not to use a relaxer but keep a straight do, it requires being a bit creative and keeping my roots clean and moisturised so they do not tangle.

I have been trying out some slightly unconventional mixtures for my deep condition:

My current deep condition involves all or some of the following ingredients
5 x tbsp Olive Oil
1 x Egg
2 x tbsp Jamaican Black castor Oil
a handful of bentonite clay

I wash the bentonite mixture out then I  co-wash with Jane Carter Nourishing conditioner so that I can detangle my hair in the shower. I find this more effective as with new growth my hair tangles considerably especially with the bentonite mixture in. (I wash out the clay mixture and then do an extra condition whilst I shave etc.)

At present I still wash my hair twice a week, with one co-wash and one deep condition at the end of the week.

I am planning to get some more mane and tail as I found this quite moisturising. So would like to use this again.
Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

Out with a Bang: 2011

Hello All,

This year has been more than a roller coaster ride for us here at AfroDeity. Looking forward to beginning 2012 on a high.

This year saw the launch of the AfroDeity Online Store in March bringing products to the UK which were previously difficult to get hold of. Our new store prided itself on efficiency and great customer service. Our products include The Fountain Jamaican Oils Collection, Sisay's Okra and Flax products, Joliette and Pendeza Tights 

We found a model, Nikki, for our first You Tube video describing the use of The Original Edgestick.

Our blogger Leilu laid herself bare and decided that it was not time to transition back to a curly fro as she has decided to use other methods to keep a straight do.

We launched our ranges on Amazon and eBay and Facebook/ Twitter and suppliers in London are now carrying Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

In 2012 we will be looking forward to the launch of the AfroDeity Essentials range and suppliers in Birmingham and Manchester. Also more hair updates from Leilu. Product Reviews and much much more.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

Leilu and the AfroDeity Team
Happy New Year!


Alpha & Omega Hair Designs supplies Jamaican Black Castor Oil
32, College Road, Handsworth Wood, 
Birmingham, West Midlands B20 2HX
Tel: 0121 554 0222

Nik in her modelling days

My Neem Oil Experience

Neem Oil is a vegetable oil. In India is not used for cooking purposes but it was used for preparing cosmetics and it is often found in insecticides and lice shampoos. It has also been proved to be toxic and should not be ingested by pregnant women or children.

My experience with this oil was not pleasant, it is not that it was not moisturising or antibiotic. It was that awful smell that some describe as a peanut and garlic odour. Anyone that ever said Jamaican Black Castor Oil smells bad, has obviously never smelled Neem Oil.

The smell lingered for days. I used it combined with coconut and jojoba oil as a prepoo and because the container said a little goes a long way I only used a small amount. I washed with shampoo and deep conditioned. The smell remained after I blow dried. It was almost nauseating.
I had to wash my hair again the next morning. I also had to throw my satin scarf and pillowcases in the wash.
A whole week passed before I could get the smell out of my nose. Yetch!!!

This oil definitely did what it said on the tin, but will definitely mix with a better smelling oil. I have heard tell that Kemi oil is nice for mixing, so I may try this.

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil : TV Spot

Just found this on You Tube, in case anyone was interested.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil can be found over at AfroDeity's Online Store. This product is great for thickening up har but it can also be used for aches and pains, treating acne and as a pre shave balm. Also checkout the new range of AfroDeity Supporting products. The AfroDeity Peeps love to hear from you so email them with any questions or you can email me for my 6pence.

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Dear Father Christamas

Dear Father Christmas,

Because I have been such a good goddess this year, could you please bring me:

Alterna Caviar Treatment Hair Masque

Amazonia Organics Hair and Body Butter

Keratase Elixir Ultime

Did you have anything in particular that you wanted Father Christmas to bring you this year.

Post a comment and let us know. You know we love to hear from you!

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Weekend Deal at AfroDeity

Here at AfroDeity we are so excited about it being Friday, here is a weekend giveaway ending midnight (UK time) on Sunday Night. 10% off for all orders over £20 for Facebook and Twitter fans and followers. Use code FRI678. Tell your friends! Dont forget this ends on Sunday!

The Seduction of Straight Hair

After much agonising about whether to transition or keep my hair straight. I have decided that I like my hair straight and it is the hair style that I have decided to go with and that is my choice. If there was ever pressure to straighten your hair when I was younger. I feel that recent arguments and events and made me feel pressured to transition and go natural.

It's not a desire to look white as many believe. I kind of feel insulted by that assumption. I haven't been seduced by the media and the 'pretty' young things on the telly. I have actually only worn my hair straight for the last 8 years, previous to that I rocked an Afro all through my teens and into my mid twenties against convention and frankly I got a little bored of rocking a 'fro and with a fat face like mine, a straight do really frames the face well.

As you can gather, I like to go against convention and now that everyone is going for a fro, I want to go straight. I will not necessarily be using relaxers, there are other ways. So I plan to be a bit more creative with my regime and it does mean I may have to use heat where previously I wouldn't have done.

Well we will see how it goes. Maybe I will get bored and shave it all off and dye it platinum blonde.

Have a good day and wrap up warm. It's so cold today!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

Jamaican Black Castor Oil : How to Use

Jamaican Black Castor Oil has many varied cosmetic uses for the hair, skin and face. It can be used for hair growth, as a skin moisturiser, to grow eyelashes and can even be used to treat acne.

Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth
Jamaican Black Castor Oil is used mainly to encourage hair growth and as a humectant (draw moisture into the hair)
Pre Shampoo Treatment
A preshampoo treatmnet ( sometimes called a pre-poo) can be done with Jamaican Black Castor Oil . Those of us with naturally dry hair which is more sensitive can experience dry scalp issues. A pre-shampoo oil treatment will protect your hair from being overly cleansed by the harsh chemicals in mainstream shampoos and being too clean. Over cleansing your hair with a harsh SLS shampoo can remove the small amount of natural oils our hair already has. Applying oil to your hair before washing  can help with detangling before washing it. Main stream conditioners for dry hair are usually made with either natural or synthetic oils. Oils are attracted to each other. The oils left over from your pre-poo will help the oils in your conditioner stay on the hair and take effect. 
  • Prior to cleansing or shampooing the hair, apply a generous amount to the hair, root to tip and the scalp. Massaging into the entire head.
  • Cover with a plastic cap and leave on the hair for at least 30 minutes
  • Some choose to cover the plastic cap with a hot towel or hair dryer allowing for better penetration
  • Others choose to leave the oil in overnight
  • Shampoo and Condition the hair as normal
Encourage Growth By Using Daily
  • Use small amounts of Jamaican Black Castor Oil by Massaging the oil into your scalp daily.
  • An applicator bottle can be an excellent way of getting this oil to the oots of your hair, particularly for those with thin hair or very long hair.
  • Apply to a clean scalp. Applying the oil to a dirty scalp can hinder rather than encourage growth as bacteria and funghi wil flourish in a dirt and oil. Apply to freshly or at least recently washed hair.
  • Make sure to adopt a good wash regime and wash this oil out of your hair every few days especially if you are using the 100% pure oil.
Daily Maintenance
  • Soften Hair  and give your hair Shine by using Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Apply Daily to the temple or crown area to help soften the hair. This part of the hair is very prone to breakage from daily styles like a slicked back pony tail or excessive combing. Castor Oil is a humectant and draws moisture into the hair strand. The dry hair on he temple and crown will benefit from a little extra maintenace by applying this.
  • Apply a small amount to the strands to give the hair a little added shine!
Hot Oil Treatment
  • This treatment is best done when ou have time, on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Place the oil in a sink with warm water, this will slowly heat the oil. You do not want it to be too hot as it will scald you on application.
  • Lightly Wet your hair
  • Massage a generous amount of the oil thoroughly into in your hair and scalp so that all your hair is exposed to the oil.
  • Put plastic cap on your head and wrap a warm towel around it or sit under a hair dryer if you have one available for 15 – 30minutes.
  • Shampoo
  • Condition (you can also add a bit of castor oil to your conditioner too)
  • Style as normal
Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • After Shampooing the hair towel dry
  • Add a tablespoon of Jamaican Black Castor Oil to your deep conditioner as a moisturising agent.
  • Spread throughout your hair and gently detangle
  • Wash Out
Seal in Moisture on the ends of your hair
  • Applying an oil after moisture prevents the moisture leaving the hair strands easily
  • Moisturise the hair as per normal
  • Rub a small amount of Jamaican Black Castor Oil into your hand and spread it into your hair an along the strands (to avoid the greasy heavy feeling only a small amount is required)
  • Mix with Grapeseed or Jojoba Oil so it is not as thick. Foutain Jamaican Black castor Oil is a wonderful leave in and is great for his purpose and also has a refreshing odour.
Protecting Your Ends Pre Relaxer (Chemical Processing).
  • This helps prevent overprocessing as the hair is coated and protected by this thick oil.
  • Prior to the relaxing process. Apply a genrous amount of the oil to the parts that have already been relaxed or chemical processed.
  • The oil will coat and protect the hair and help stop the part of the strand that has already undergone the relaxing process from being relaxed again

Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil on EyeBrows and EyeLashes

Jamaican Black Castor Oil can also be use to help your eyebrows and eyelashes to grow. You may need to re grow your eyebrows after years of over-plucking or you may feel that you could benefit from thicker eyelashes.
Try  Only use the 100% pure oils for your  eyebrows and eyelashes. Try not to get this in your eyes as this can cause irritation. This must be done carefully.
  • Cleanse your face removing any dirt or makeup
  • Apply a little of the oil to your eyebrows or a very small amount using a cotton bud to your eyelashes before bed.
  • DO this as you would for applying any type of eye makeup, but do so as not to get it in our eyes.
  • Use a clean tissue or cotton bud to remove any excess oil.
  • Leave on overnight and cleanse your face in the morning

Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil to Treat Acne
Jamaican Black Castor Oil can also be used to treat  acne. Jamaican Black Castor Oil has been known to help reduce sebum production which is linked to the causes of acne without drying out your skin. Here is a simple method for those of us with busy schedules.
  • Do this every night for 4 weeks
  • Wash face with warm/hot water to open the pores with our normal cleanser. (If you have more time you could steam your ace for several minutes and then wash with warm water)
  • Apply the Jamaican Black Castor Oil sparingly to the face before bed
  • Leave this on overnight, try sleeping on your back so that the oil doesn’t immediately get rubbed off
  • When you wake in the morning your skin should have absorbed the castor oil and it should not feel greasy or oily.