My Neem Oil Experience

Neem Oil is a vegetable oil. In India is not used for cooking purposes but it was used for preparing cosmetics and it is often found in insecticides and lice shampoos. It has also been proved to be toxic and should not be ingested by pregnant women or children.

My experience with this oil was not pleasant, it is not that it was not moisturising or antibiotic. It was that awful smell that some describe as a peanut and garlic odour. Anyone that ever said Jamaican Black Castor Oil smells bad, has obviously never smelled Neem Oil.

The smell lingered for days. I used it combined with coconut and jojoba oil as a prepoo and because the container said a little goes a long way I only used a small amount. I washed with shampoo and deep conditioned. The smell remained after I blow dried. It was almost nauseating.
I had to wash my hair again the next morning. I also had to throw my satin scarf and pillowcases in the wash.
A whole week passed before I could get the smell out of my nose. Yetch!!!

This oil definitely did what it said on the tin, but will definitely mix with a better smelling oil. I have heard tell that Kemi oil is nice for mixing, so I may try this.

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