Product Review: Mixed Chicks Kids

Being the mother of two mixed race children, products like Mixed Chicks were the first to catch my eye when I started looking for for products to style their hair.  I previously talked about handling my children's hair (in Coping with Mixed Children's Hair) mainly because the texture is so very different to mine and to each others.

Ruby and Sebastian have completely different textures to each other. Sebastian's hair is wavy and curly in points and is quite dry. Recently Sebastian has wanted to grow his hair longer, which requires more care. Ruby on the other hand has wavy hair and slightly more oily. As I mentioned before I wash her hair two to three times weekly whereas Sebastian's is done once or twice weekly. The main reason for washing their hair so often is our swimming routine. It was this that brought me to the mixed chicks range in the first place. We hadn't used this range for a while and the kids hair had changed quite a bit in the last 4 years.

Mixed Chicks Kids Shampoo 5/5
Blurb: A gentle natural safe shampoo for our kids. Now you can wash tender scalps without fuss. Great for little swimmers to use daily. Tear free and no sulfates.

My 2p:  This is definitely our favourite of all the products. We use this particularly because of having to wash this kids hair so often  due to swimming. It doesn't dry out their hair and I feel confident that the chlorine is being washed out properly as it contains citric acid.

Mixed Chicks Kids Conditioner 5/5
Blurb: Alcohol, fragrance, colourless and paraben free, with no harsh chemicals.
My 2p: Perfect for kids, with no harsh chemical, worked really well for my kids hair.

Mixed Chicks Kids Leave In Conditioner 3/5
My 2p: All  the products worked wonders in the kids hair particularly taking away that dryness of Sebastian's hair. The leave in conditioner was however the kids least favoutite, mostly for Ruby as she found it very sticky in her fine hair. Worked OK for Sebastian but as he needs lots of moisture it wasn't the best thing we've tried in his hair. However, I quite liked the leave in for my kinky texture so I think it would better for thicker textures.

Hands down the kids shampoo from this range is our favourite and gets 5 out of 5, overall the whole range gets 4 out of 5 from the kids as they did not like the stickiness of the leave in conditioner.

I've had the pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies and can genuinely say that they take pride in their brand and I cant wait to see what they come up with next.

Leilu and Mixed Chicks co-founder Kim at the Afro Hair & Beauty Show in 2013

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