Allergen Neutral Skincare with Oodee

I've written a little about several skin problems I've had over the years and as such I try to stay away from any allergens that might trigger said skin issues, using as many natural products as I can find, but this hasn't been easy. 

Enter Oodee, a new brand on the market that is set to change the way we think about skincare with their Allergen Neutral™ formula.  I discovered Oodee through a work colleague and was very intrigued by the idea of making your skincare just like your food -- free from allergens

Oodee asks "if you wouldn't put it in your mouth, why would you put it on your skin" Something many naturalistas can understand as we are so careful with what we put on our hair. Several of my coeliac friends have marvelled at this new innovation. 

At the core of every Oodee product is a multivitamin blend that includes 22 vital nutrients scientifically proven to optimise skin’s health and appearance. 

Oodee's 3 Step Formula promises Phenomenal Skin 

Step 1: HALO Purifying Foaming Cleanser
Step 2: AURORA Perfecting Serum
Step 3: NOVA Illuminating Moisturiser

I've been trying Oodee's unique formula over the last few weeks and have found my face softer and glowing recently. At first I wasn't sure what was different, then I remembered I'd changed my skincare routine to Oodee. As a person with sensitive skin, I dutifully did a patch test and found that I had no reaction to these products. 

My favourite product from Oodee was the HALO Purifying Foaming Cleanser. A beautiful foamer which is light, non-drying and gentle on the skin. This comes in at only £24. I bought a 3 Step Phenomenal Edit Bundle to try out all the products, and the foamer by far is my favourite. Maybe because finding a decent cleanser is what I find most difficult.  I use it after makeup remover or just for my regular routine cleanse at the end of the day.

You too can try their special brand of skincare at There are lots of reviews from happy customers, industry experts and press outlets.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 


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