Curly hair washing techniques

Curly Hair Washing Techniques

Having defined and shiny curls is not about spending too much time or using too many products. It is all about applying the right techniques and using the appropriate products that will not dry your hair and will help you get great curls. 

Naturally curly hair tends to be dry by nature. Washing your hair and cleaning it is essential if you want to clean your scalp and keep your curls fresh. Product build up can weight your curls down and will make your curly hair look flat and lifeless. 

Wash your hair using the right products:

You should try to stay away from sulfate at all cost. Sulfate can dry your curly hair and will make it look frizzy. This means that it will be more difficult to style. Instead, wash your hair using a cleansing conditioner that will help remove the oil and product build up but would still be gentle on the hair. 

Some people prefer to go au natural. You can cleanse your hair using baking soda after mixing it with water. This mixture will help clean your scalp without using any chemical packed products. After that, you will have to prepare an apple cider vinegar rinse that is made using equal parts of vinegar and water. This mixture will help neutralize the effect of the baking soda and is great to add shine to your hair. 

You should always make sure that your curly hair is properly moisturized. Go for a weekly deep conditioning treatment to keep your strands moist. You can always have a hot oil treatment to restore your hair’s natural flexibility. If your hair has low porosity, apply some heat using your blow-dryer or a hot towel to help raise the cuticle of your hair. This will help the treatments be more effective. 

Dry your hair but keep it moisturised:

After you have washed your hair, you need to dry it properly without stripping it off its natural moist. Rubbing your hair using a cotton towel might absorb the water but will turn your hair to a frizzy mess due to static. Instead, wrap an old t-shirt around your hair to make sure that it is dry. 

Apply your favorite leave in conditioner along the strands of your hair. Pay special attention to the dry ends. Next you can apply your favorite hair oil or you can it with your leave in conditioner. This will give your hair a sleeker look and will minimize the frizz. 

Define your curls:

You will have to use some styling product to create and define your curls. Make your own flaxseed gel or buy a gentle gel or mousse to keep your curls intact. Scrunch your hair to create curls and coil the straight ends around your fingers. Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser with your blow-dryer set to cold. 

Washing your hair the right way will help you get amazing curls without having to go through a lot of hassle. Try and experiment with products until you find the best hair routine that will give you amazing curls in no time.

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