Ojon Oil

Ojon Oil comes from the tropical rainforests of Central america and has ben used for generations by the Taiwar people. Taiwar means people of beautiful hair

I bought the Ojon® Hair Care 5-Piece Nurturing Hair Ritual Kit from John Lewis for £30.50 which was a really nice place to start to try out this product especially for my dry, dehydrated hair. The kit contained:

Ultra hydrating shampoo, 60ml
Ultra hydrating conditioner, 60ml
Hydrating styling cream, 60ml
Restorative hair treatment, 50ml
Revitalizing mist spray, 25ml

Ojon® Restorative Hair Treatment
The website speil:
Ojon® Restorative Hair Treatment is a hair rejuvenator that helps hydrate and improve the condition of dry, damaged hair - without weighing it down. After just one treatment hair is extraordinarily soft, silky and manageable. Restorative Hair Treatment contains our highest concentration of pure Ojon® oil.

My thoughts:
This was my particular favourite from this kit. This treatment consists of palm oil, fragrance, and a few extracts. We know that some oils penetrate the hair, like coconut oil which will filter deep into the cortex because it is so similar to hair’s natural lipids. We also know that washing our hair removes some of these natural oils. Once inside the hair, the oil serves as a re-fatting agent. However, this type of conditioning won’t have much effect on the cuticle, the outer layer of hair, so you’ll still need to use a good conditioner to smooth the hair and make it easier to comb. It is similar in this regard to coconut oil, but I did love the feel of my hair after using it as a pre-poo. I enjoyed using it and will definately be buying agaian and will be adding it my list of great oils. I even used it before self relaxing to protect the ends along with some JBCO.

Ojon® Ultra hydrating shampoo and conditioner
The website speil:
A daily, ultra-rich moisturising cleanser that conditions hair with exclusive Ojon® oil, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond. Adds weightless body without static.
An ultra-rich conditioner for dry, dehydrated hair. Contains exclusive 'Ojon oil', Shea Butter and Sweet Almond to instantly detangle, condition and add shine to your hair without weighing it down.
My thoughts:
Another lovely set of hydtaing conditioner and shampoo. I enjoyed using these but again no better than any other moisturising shampoos I have used, for example PhytoJojoba. Just different in terms of smell and texture. Not sure if I would see more of a diffrence after longer term use, but my hair feels soft and shiny and I cant fault these products but again so many other moisturising shampoos do relatively the same thing.
Ojon® Hydrating styling cream and Revitalizing mist spray
Website Speil
Ojon® hydrating Styling Cream: A leave in styling treatment with light hold. hydrates and smoothes damaged and dehydrated hair. Formulated with encapsulated Ojon microspheres to help detangle while providing a brililant shine.
Ojon® Revitalizing Mist Refreshingly light, this leave-in “shake to activate” formula works like “liquid Ojon®” to instantly refresh and detangle hair - a great way to add moisture hair loses every day
My thoughts:
These two styling products were lovely to use particualrly the styling cream with its microbeads that melt in your hands on heating up. Really smoothed down ny hair and kept the shape of so mamy styles. Also added lovely shiny feel to my lack lustre hair. So another winner in my book. The spray claims to reflect the sunlight to give that extra shine and it has definately won me over

All in all the Ojon products were a good buy and I am definately loving this range and would recommend it if you are looking for something new and different for you dry damaged hair. Beware however these products don't come cheap! Again as with any product my best advice is keeping it routine and keeping a record. You will notice the difference

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*Info from Ojon official website*

Relaxed at 13 weeks post relaxer

Due to illness and just being extremely busy, I managed to stretch my hair to 13 weeks!!

My sister was around when it was being relaxed and commented on how straight it looked and wondered if it was because I don't relax every six weeks like she does. Previously when my hair was newly relaxed it would be curly, limp and red (possibly damaged) I did it every six weeks religiously. Lots of the women in my family are skeptical about the lengths I am going to, to retain my length, frankly they cant understand why I don't just get a weave!

But I am determined to get this to work and once I have acheived my goals of chin length front hair and APL back of the hair, I will probably do something different, but for now I continue on with my challenge to grow my hair.

Currently just over shoulder length, needs some dusting but comparison pics in my next post.


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Elle Magazine and Afro Hair

Hi There

After an email from my sister in law, about an article she stumbled into in Elle, I thought I would give you a little summary of said article especially for you newbies.

Choosing a Shampoo
“Every time you wash your hair you strip out moisture, so you have to add it in with the products you use” explains Amir Delijani
Experts Recommend
Caviar Moisture Shampoo, £25.55 and Conditioner, £26.35 by Alterna at Lookfantastic.com
Keracare’s Hydrating and detangling shampoo, £6.90 and the Humecto Conditioner, £7.10 AfroTherapy
Olive Oil’s Organic Root Stimulator Shampoo, £3.40 followed by its Lotion, £2.84, both from Boots.

How to Wash
“Shampoo twice with a moisturising or detangling shampoo, massage into the scalp, roots, middle and then end. When you condition, towel dry first, then apply conditioner to the hair concentrating on the ends” explains Errol.

Extra Conditioning

Apply a leave-in conditioner to towel dried hair
Experts Recommend
Mizani’s Moisturising Silkening Liquid Gel, £12.25 at lookfantastic.com
Silky Locks K2H 365 leave-in conditioner", £5.99 at rootsandsculpture.co.uk
scalp oil Mizani Comfiderm, £12.25 at lookfantastic.com
Suki Skincare’s Hair Scalp Conditioning Oil, £29 from Harvey Nichols

For Relaxed Hair
"Straightened hair needs a good smoothing agent” explains Errol
Experts Recommend
Silken Seal Liquid Sheen, £10.95 by Keracare at loveafrocosmetics.com
Weekly Treats
To keep your hair in optimum condition you should be applying a mask at least once every week.
“Always use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, especially if you have chemically-treated hair to keep it strong, and avoid breakage or thinning” explains hair exp
Frederic Fekkai.
Experts Recommend
Fekkai’s Shea Butter Hair Mask, £18 at johnlewis.com
Get Ingredient Savy
Make oils your hair’s new best friend - mango oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil are all really moisturising and give the hair sheen” says Errol.
Experts Recommend
Thermo-Active Repair Ceram, £12.75 by Matrix Biolage
Vitamin E or Carrot Oil
Afro Love’s Coconut Collection starting at £2.29 for the Leave-in Cream Conditioner (loveafrocosmetics.com).
Seven Wonder Miracle Oil, £13.95
Drying Your Hair
It is always best to leave your hair to dry naturally as it is far less damaging than heat styling.
When looking for a hairdryer it is worth investing in an ionic version.
Experts Recommend
Toni & Guy who sell an Ionic Moisture Lock Dryer, £39.99 and ionic straightener, £59.99 (argos.co.uk)
Remington’s Pro Ionic Ultra Hairdryer, £24.99 (boots.com)
GHD’s Thermal Pretector Spray for dry and course hair, £9.95 from ghdhair.com
These were the highlights for me, but see for yourself, Check Out Elle
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