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Tis the Season to be Joliette!
Happy Holidays to you our amazing fans! have a great Holiday Season! Stay Safe and Keep Warm!

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AfroDeity is on BEN TV this week

AfroDeity will be on the new BEN programme 'The New Way to Shop' at 8am on Monday and Wednesday December 23 and December 25th 2013.

We'll be talking about the Fountain Pimento Oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Joliette Hair Mud Mask and Curl Me Soft.

Fountain Pimento Oil is a traditional jamaican bush medicine made with ingredients sourced directly from Jamaica. Use for aches and pains, a sensual massage, an athletic massage, pains from menstral cramps, as apply to skin before a bath to add moisture.

Joliette Hair Mud Mask can be used a pre shampoo treatment. It contains cleansing bentonite clay, and keratin proteins making it easier for transitioners to manage their hair and for naturals to stretch their hair. It also helps users reduces the amount of heat required to straighten hair.

Joliette Curl Me Soft is a water based leave in moisturiser with green tea extract and extracts from Caribbean berries like pomegranate.

Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil can be used as a hot oil treatment and is very effective treating itchy scalp and dry scalp conditions and many swear that it helps with encouraging hair growth.

What is The New Way to Shop? 
The New Way to Shop is a new programme which showcases products and services which appeal to specialist audiences; particularly an African Caribbean one; as well as women and consumers from a mixed race parentage heritage.

The Black pound’s thriving but ending up in other cultural pockets that don’t employ or invest back into the community. It is simply crazy! And the stuff is often very over-priced too!

The New Way to Shop will become the No.1 way to access cost effective and cheaper products that we need every single day. Stop getting ripped off and start getting TV and online bargains!
The New Way to Shop will deliver must see prices; totally slashed for that week only on TV; making it ‘appointment to watch’ television. Produced by BBC Award-winning producer, Trish Adudu.

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AfroDeity Meet Theo Paphitis: Small Business Sunday

Alicia and Joliette ( AfroDeity's co- founders) meet 
Theo Paphitis for Small Business Sunday Award

On November 28th mother and daughter team Alicia and Joliette co-founders of AfroDeity Ltd were invited to Birmingham to meet TV Dragons’ Den star and entrepreneur, Theo Paphitis. In June they were delighted to hear that they had won Theo’s ‘Small Business Sunday’ award a social media initiative set up by Theo in October 2010. Each week from the 1000’s of tweets he receives, only six businesses are chosen. That Sunday AfroDeity Ltd captured Theo’s attention and he re‐tweeted AfroDeity’s message to his 360,000 followers.

AfroDeity features and retails Caribbean Inspired natural hair and skin products. The ultimate goal, to help small farmers in the Caribbean and reinvigorate the declining agricultural industry by bringing natural healing hair and skin products made with ingredients grown in the Caribbean to the UK. AfroDeity also currently support the FarmUp Jamaica initiative by trying to bring awareness to the growing problem of goods that can be grown in Jamaican being imported and sold at prices local people cannot afford.

AfroDeity's signature products the Fountain Jamaican Oils Collection which is made from ingredients grown in Jamaica and their very own brand Joliette are exclusive to AfroDeity.


Alicia Thornthwaite said, “Theo has inspired us all and said, “If you don’t dream, it won’t come true.” We are thrilled to have met him and look forward to all the upcoming opportunities he mentioned.”

For further information, photos and product samples, please contact Alicia Thornthwaite at AfroDeity Ltd on 02032865200 or info@afrodeity.co.uk and see our online store http://store.afrodeity.co.uk 

For further information about Small Business Sunday please visit 

AfroDeity will be at Afridiziak Birmingham!

Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions are back with their annual culturally inspired winter fair. We are pleased to be holding our fourth Birmingham Winter Fair on Saturday 14 December at the Lighthouse Young People’s Centre.
Since 2010, Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions shopping events have attracted quality exhibitors showcasing the finest selection of merchandise. Many of the items on sale have been naturally/organically produced and handmade.

AfroDeity will be there with many new products for you to try and ask as many questions as you like! Get gifts from Joliette, Albertha's Garden, Fountain Jamaican Oil and more. We will also have a few products from the Tropic Isle and Sunny Isle ranges and a chance to look at the Edgestick Hair Straightener.

This unique shopping event brings together entrepreneurs selling culturally inspired gifts, which give shoppers the opportunity to pick up inspiring gifts, which ooze creativity.
Charity: For the second year running we have chosen the Sickle Cell Society as our official charity and we will donate a percentage of proceeds taken on the door from both events.
Kalpna Patel, Sickle Cell Society: “The Sickle Cell Society is delighted to receive support from Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions through their winter fair. This fantastic event will help raise awareness about sickle cell disease amongst the local community”.
The annual Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions winter fairs are a chance to treat yourself and pick up something special for your loved ones too. The family day includes:
  • *  Retailers selling culturally inspired gifts for men, women, and children including hair/beauty products, books, toys, educational gifts, paintings, jewellery, accessories, bags, clothing, gifts for the home, cultural cuisine and greeting cards too...
  • *  Goodie bag and cupcake for the first 50 shoppers
  • *  DJ’s Blaze It Up Entertainment spinning an eclectic mix of tunes
  • *  [Birmingham] For children - mini arts and crafts workshops by Anaisarts
  • * [Birmingham] a fashion show hosted by Elev8te
  • * [Birmingham] Mane Divas and Lola’s Curls will be hosting natural hair workshops covering hair loss, free consultations and twisting/styling demos
  • *  Raffle prizes galore – we are raising funds for the Sickle Cell Society
  • *Images captured by Mellz Photography [London] | Lensi Photography [Birmingham]
  • Ø  Pop up café at both venues
    Listings information
  • §  DATE: Saturday14 December 2013
  • §  TIME: 11am – 5pm
  • §  ENTRY: £5 includes £1 charitable donation to the Sickle Cell Society | Payable on the door | Under
    16s are free
  • §  VENUE: Lighthouse Young People’s Centre, 100 Alma Way, Aston, Birmingham B19 2LN


www.facebook.com/afridiziakGO TWITTER | @afridiziakGO

Protective Styling for Naturalistas

Protective styling
As the name suggests, protective styling is a type of styling that most natural women would resort to so as to ‘protect’ their hair from pollutants such as the sun, harsh winds, swimming pool water and excessive heat styling.
Protective styling entails keeping hair in twists, braids and cornrows for periods of about 3-4 or 4-6 weeks depending on the durability of the hairstyle. Those who often resort to protective styling often have to be patient by nature. I say ‘patient’ because protective styles have to be installed knowledgeably and often take a while to install due to the intricacy of most styles, for example styled cornrows, Senegalese twists, box braids and so forth. You would also have to be patient because protective styles are generally long wearing hairstyles that require minimal daily maintenance.

Although the protective styling regimen demands for one to be patient, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forget to maintain the styles. Often natural women give a bad reputation to protective styles by neglecting to wash their hair for the duration of the 4-6 week period. Some feel it is a free pass to forgo the moisturiser or brush up edges and keep unruly hair in check
What most natural ladies need to realise is that protective styles are quite beneficial to the overall look and health of their hair. Protective styles can reap a wealth of benefits such as helping your hair to retain length. Protective styles also help your hair and scalp to take a break from excessive manipulation and excessive daily use of shampoos.

Of course, protective styles are a great go to in moments where you need to focus on other things other than your daily hair regimen. This brings us to the question that may be swirling in your head. ’Is protective styling for me? ’ Well as you may know a lot of debates have arisen over the past few years as to who should resort to protective styling and who shouldn’t. There is no hard and fast rule there. In truth, protective styles are a lifesaver for those whose schedules do not allow for daily hair care regimens however, protective styles really can be expensive, when salon done. Not only is the expense a factor but should you choose to have someone style your hair when they do not really know your personality then it can turn out to be a miss rather than a hit. Because of the added expense and the length with which your style should stay in- it is quite important for your style to reflect your personality, and your preferences.

Now remember, when choosing a protective style, choose something you like, something you can afford and a style that will go with whatever occasion or event you will attend during the time you will wear that style. Before getting a protective style make sure you have washed, conditioned and thoroughly dried your hair- a damp poorly dried scalp is the perfect breeding ground for fungal infections.

Furthermore, never get protective styles installed so tightly that you get pimples around your hairline or that you cannot move any of your facial muscles or worse that you get a migraine for days after you get your protective style- all of the above are a sure way to get traction alopecia in the long run. Remember, as the name suggests the purpose is to protect your scalp and hair not harm them. 

Happy styling!

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil PRICE DROP

We are having a Cyber Week Sale. PRICE DROP on selected Products
Todays Deal reduced Tropic Isle Living 

Check Out our Cyber Weekend Sale Page Daily for New Deals and Steals.

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Hair Conditioner is a great deep conditioner for damaged hair. It contains black castor oil, cactus oil, pimento oil, mayonnaise, apple cider and more.

And Much More..

Fountain’s blend of premium salts is permeated with our signature product, Fountain Pimento Oil, and a medley of mints. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to enhance your home bath experience.
A home spa therapy treatment with our bath salts will condition and nourish the skin, giving relief to soften dry skin – all whilst soothing away aches & pains.  In addition, to relieving tension and promoting a good night’s sleep!

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Amazon Drones to Bring Hair Products to your Door

As you know AfroDeity products are available on Amazon and so are many of your favourite brands for hair and skin. Personally I shop on Amazon a lot, but when I heard that in the near future Amazon would be using 'Prime Air' drones to bring parcels direct to your door. It sounded like something out of  a futuristic movie like 'Minority Report'.

In about 5 years there is the possibility that these dromes will be a reality. These Amazon 'Prime Air' drones or Octocopters, could deliver packages to customers within 30 minutes of an order being placed!

Technologies that could make shopping easier!
Amazon 'Prime Air' would be my first candidate for a technology that could make my shopping easier. Drones could bring my hair products straight to my door but I am also intrigued by the idea of 3D printing. Yes printing the products you need in your home and Yes even hair & skin products one day!

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!
Like a replicator there already exist 3D printers which can print certain types of foods (chocolate) and trinkets of every shape and size and soon they will be in our homes. 

Environmentally friendly
Obviously the challenge for these new technologies is to make them environmentally friendly and I suppose without millions of us getting in our cars and going to the shopping centres, this does reduce car emissions but if the drones themselves emit greenhouse gases and the 3D printers create a lot of waste they aren't really helping, are they.

Retail Therapy
Now I can't say I always shop online. Sometimes I like to go out with friends and look at the shiny boxes (and sometimes buy the shiny boxes) in the window. So ther are times when a timely Amazon deliver wont cut it, in terms of retail therapy!

Are you looking forward to new easier ways to shop or do you think Amazon's drones will never get off the ground?

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Ingredients in your Hair Care Products

Hi All,

Have you ever wondered what makes your shampoo pink? Or smell sweet? Or froth so much you could just float away in all those bubbles? What do you look for when you pick up a new product at the pharmacy? Is it the packaging? The smell or the appearance or is it because it is all the other naturalistas in the community will talk about?
Well for most choosing hair care products is as easy as looking at the price tag, while for others it goes beyond the packing, the price or the product but rather the small fine print at the back of the container. ‘What is in my product’ you ask as you expertly scan the back of that much talked about shampoo.

Indeed, what is in your product and why? Better yet why do you need to know? Well the answer to the latter is simple, you need to know because it is your health, your body and you need to know what is going onto your body, through your pores and ultimately seeping into your blood stream particularly when these products are used frequently and in sizeable amounts. Everything we use frequently has long term effects.

So without being too preachy here are some of the great ingredients to look out for in hair products. And remember, the higher the product is on the ingredient list, the more dominant/potent/active it is in product.
The most moisturising product you can find in any hair care product is water. And as a general rule of thumb it should be high up on the ingredient list of any hair care product you buy. It should generally be a base for your hair care products.

Aloe Vera is a great ingredient to use in hair care products and even on its own. It is known for its restorative properties and generally helps to balance PH levels on the scalp.

You may want to look for castor oil and sesame seed oil in products these two have been known for their cleansing properties. Particularly, sesame seed oil which can literally draw out or pull out toxins from the body working as a detoxifier.

Closely following behind and also quite popular are coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, which are used in pomades or on their own to seal moisture into hair and add lustre. These are very important ingredients to look for in hair care products. Honey is also a very useful ingredient which you can add to shampoos and or conditioners as it help with moisture.

You may want to start by focusing on the positives of which ingredients to look out for in hair care products. Remember if these products do not appear at the top of the list then put the product down and calmly walk away. 

Food for thought!

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Farm Up Jamaica

At AfroDeity our aim is to help Caribbean Farmers through our cosmetic products that we bring to the UK. During our research, we came across Farm Up Jamaica and have become so intrigued by this project. It has really captured our imagination at what can be done when people get together to help each other and the amazing power of Social Media.

Check out the project at Farm Up Jamaica.org and find out more Here
Article in the New York Times 

Farm Up Jamaica
Farm Up Jamaica Ltd. strongly believes that it is every person's human right to have access to nature’s original gifts- organic, non GMO healthy foods and a decent way to make a living. Although economic conditions are unfavorable across the globe right now, Jamaica is a prime example of how an entire nation's way of life is compromised once these particular inadequacies run rampant, over several years. What tourists don't know is that food prices are based on the US dollar - a soda costs $1 US dollar and commuter transportation can run upwards of $20 US dollars per week. After doing the math, how can the thousands of people earning the weekly minimum wage equivalent to $50 US dollars, make it? Farm Up Jamaica Ltd. has identified a strategic way to begin tackling both the economic and agricultural issues that have been standing in the way of Jamaica's prosperity, for decades. By supplying farmers with everything from seeds to workforce, we will begin to introduce local markets to inexpensive organic foods and decrease the need to import unhealthy, genetically modified crops. Ultimately, we will create tons of good jobs while closing the gap on importation of foreign foods. Join us on this life-changing journey as we make major strides towards an economy's recovery.

Farm Up Jamaica Ltd. is an international organization formed in the U.S. with offices in New York State and Jamaica. The organization is comprised of both Jamaican and multinational professionals from all over the world who have a heart-felt interest in global sustainability. Our mission is to assist distressed farmers in the sustainable cultivation of vacant, under-farmed lands and to decrease the importation of foreign foods. Farm Up Jamaica Ltd. has already garnered the support of the Jamaica Ministry of Agriculture in order to strategically identify crops that are needed to help close the gap on importation, enabling us to have a direct impact on the market. The Ministry of Agriculture has agreed to work closely with us in order to ensure success. They have also already helped us locate farmers and farmlands in order to cultivate the crops that are in highest demand. Through professional evaluation of land conditions and feasibility we have determined where to designate our first crops. This assessment takes into consideration irrigation, soil quality, seeding, access, roadways, staffing, maintenance, reaping, storage, logistics and more. Our organization is going the extra mile by taking an organic approach to farming. We will demonstrate that an organic farm is a more wholesome, more cost effective farm. Going forward, the crops we will focus on are onions, ginger, rice, irish potatoes, and pineapples. The demand for these crops currently exceeds local production and greatly cripples the economic potential of the entire country. We have divided our crop-planting initiative into segments- in order to focus on successfully reaching tangible goals that have a direct, economic impact!
Our initiative will focus solely on non-GMO, organic onion production. We have devised a concise model for this project, guaranteeing success upon completion. With your support, we will be planting 5 acres of non-GMO, organic onions on a 100-acre farm in Mandeville, Jamaica. Together, we will provide the resources needed...from start to finish. Upon completing this project we will be closing the gap on importation of onions into Jamaica by 1% for the upcoming year! The great thing about our project is that we have plenty of available, under-farmed lands, so any monies pledged past our $75,000 goal, will simply go towards planting more onions - and closing more of the gap!

The demand for onions in the local market is 10,000 tons per year. Jamaica only produces approximately 1,000 tons per year. This means that 9,000 tons of onions are currently being imported into Jamaica every year. The Jamaican population and its economy suffer for two main reasons due to this shortfall: onions are sold locally at higher prices and the quality of the onions is compromised, as genetically modified, non-organic production is the latest trend. All participating farmers have expressed having patriotic feelings about this project, which will keep them inspired and focused. They are all very excited because they will have access to fresh, organic onions to eat and sell; these farmers realize they are making a huge contribution to their country. The professional evaluation of the land condition and feasibility has been conducted and the farm has been approved! The scheduled start date for land preparation is December 10, 2013. We will need to prepare the land with access roads, proper irrigation and all necessary facilities. A work force has been assembled consisting of core, Farm Up Jamaica Operations Team Members, coupled with paid and volunteer local citizens, inner city youths and students majoring in Agricultural studies. Our farmers have each already received a face-to-face tutorial about the program from our team of Field Directors. We have thoroughly discussed onion production and what it means to the country. Off to work we go!! Our assembled work force will hit the ground running with the proper machinery and tools to get the land sowed.

The farmers and local Farm Up Jamaica workforce will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the farmlands until the time of harvest. Farm Up Jamaica Ltd. will keep a close eye on the farm and will monitor its progress through onsite Farm Up Jamaica surveillance and field inspectors- who will create monthly progress reports. To avoid potential praedial larceny, motion-detecting-infrared perimeter protection and cameras will be set up to safe guard our project and all surveillance and fencing will be monitored in a central station. Once the time has come to harvest, Farm Up Jamaica staff and locals will participate in the grand reaping process. Pick up and transportation assistance will be provided to move crops to the receiving purchasers, which include resort hotels and restaurants, local farmer's markets, supermarkets and grocery stores. Farm Up Jamaica Ltd. will oversee the payment process to ensure that all involved are paid accordingly. Lastly, we will also sponsor Farmer's Market events, giving our farmers the opportunity to sell a portion of their produce, directly!

By contributing to this project you are providing 100% assistance to a tangible, transparent initiative that a great deal of people are relying on!

Ready to make a powerful, positive impact? Our Goal of $75,000 will cover the following:
*Land Preparation (plowing, harrowing, farrowing)
*Lay Irrigation Lines
*Natural Insecticide & fungicide application
*Natural herbicide
*Weeding & Moulding
*Water application
*Perimeter Protection Equipment/Cameras/Surveillance
*Storage Facility Construction
*Transportation to market

Please share our project with friends and family!
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great avenues TO GET THE WORD OUT & ask those you know to SUPPORT our project!!