Amazon Drones to Bring Hair Products to your Door

As you know AfroDeity products are available on Amazon and so are many of your favourite brands for hair and skin. Personally I shop on Amazon a lot, but when I heard that in the near future Amazon would be using 'Prime Air' drones to bring parcels direct to your door. It sounded like something out of  a futuristic movie like 'Minority Report'.

In about 5 years there is the possibility that these dromes will be a reality. These Amazon 'Prime Air' drones or Octocopters, could deliver packages to customers within 30 minutes of an order being placed!

Technologies that could make shopping easier!
Amazon 'Prime Air' would be my first candidate for a technology that could make my shopping easier. Drones could bring my hair products straight to my door but I am also intrigued by the idea of 3D printing. Yes printing the products you need in your home and Yes even hair & skin products one day!

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!
Like a replicator there already exist 3D printers which can print certain types of foods (chocolate) and trinkets of every shape and size and soon they will be in our homes. 

Environmentally friendly
Obviously the challenge for these new technologies is to make them environmentally friendly and I suppose without millions of us getting in our cars and going to the shopping centres, this does reduce car emissions but if the drones themselves emit greenhouse gases and the 3D printers create a lot of waste they aren't really helping, are they.

Retail Therapy
Now I can't say I always shop online. Sometimes I like to go out with friends and look at the shiny boxes (and sometimes buy the shiny boxes) in the window. So ther are times when a timely Amazon deliver wont cut it, in terms of retail therapy!

Are you looking forward to new easier ways to shop or do you think Amazon's drones will never get off the ground?

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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