Fresh Looks That Make You Seem Ten Years Younger

We tend to think that aging is a natural process, governed by the laws of biology. It’s a ticking clock that runs down every day until we finally pass on. 

But the more you investigate the topic, the more you discover that this way of viewing it just isn’t accurate. It’s not a deterministic process but rather something that we express as time goes by. 

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This view of aging seems a little strange when you first hear about it. We’re so used to the inevitability of it that the idea that you could somehow do something about it is offensive to our senses. But that’s actually the scientific and lived truth of the matter. How we age is very much a matter under our control. 

There are so many ways that you can look younger. And it all begins in the body itself. How you feel about your life, prospects and present self is possibly the most important thing you can do. The mind slowly transforms itself into the body so that, over time, you actually wind up looking how you feel on the outside. 

You already probably know this great truth intuitively. Think about the last time you went away on vacation and had a ball of a time. When you came back, everyone told you how revitalised and fresh you looked. You just chalked it up to the sun and sand. But it was actually something more profound. When you went away, you got back in touch with life itself. You temporarily left the heaviness of your regular life behind and simply enjoyed yourself. In other words, your mental state had a physical effect on the body. 

Now imagine if you could remain in that same mode of thinking not just for your break, but the whole year. Think about how different you could look and feel by the end of it. The change would be extraordinary. 

That’s the essential message of this post. Aging is more about how you feel than how you look. Whatever thoughts you cultivate on the inside will eventually make their way to your outside. 

So what can you do to change how you feel and how you look so that you appear ten years younger?

Get A Funky Haircut

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Getting a funky haircut is one of the most powerful things that you can do to make yourself look and feel younger. Every time you see yourself in the mirror, it reminds you of somebody in an earlier decade of life. That, in turn, actually changes the perceptions that you have of yourself. And you start unconsciously treating yourself as a more youthful person. It comes out in the way you walk, hold yourself, and the challenges in life that you’re willing to take on. 

Treat Your Hands

Have you ever noticed that people’s hands seem to give their age away? Well, that’s because the hands have to do more work than anything else in the body. They’re continually moving and clasping. And the skin on them has to endure that harshest of treatments. 

Looking after your hands involves reducing inflammation in your body and using plenty of natural, nourishing hand cream to keep the skin supple. 

The best ingredients include things like coconut oil and anti-inflammatory herbs. 

Smooth Your Neck

The neck and decolletage areas are among the first places that start aging on the body. That’s because the tissue here is highly susceptible to gravity. And the fat pads that hold everything in place during our youth begin to sag and head south. 

That’s why so many people get a neck lift before working on their faces. The problem is often found in the submental area, not in the eyes or cheeks.

Commit To Gentle, Uplifting Exercise

We have this idea in the West that exercise has to be punishing to be effective. But that’s just not true at all. If you look at most other cultures around the worth, their movement is always about helping to tune and align the body, not push it to its limits. 

One of the reasons we hate exercise is precisely because we think that we need to work up a sweat. If you let go of that idea and instead view the movement as a fun act of self-care, it utterly changes your perspective. Suddenly, you discover that movement is one of the best things in your life, not something you want to avoid. It sends signals to your body to act younger, and it listens.