4 Steps to Self Care During LockDown

When it comes to self-care, a lot of people gloss over the term not really understanding
what it means and the significance it has in the lives of many people. It is even more important
at a time like this, where we are being encouraged to stay in our homes, maintain social
distancing from our friends and family and prevented from doing a lot of the things that we
usually do to keep our mental health stable.

However, there are some things that you can do to try and keep on top of self-care during the
Coronavirus outbreak and make it a priority without putting yourself at any risk.
Read on to find out more:

When it comes to self-care, many people imagine lying back in a hot bubble bath with a face mask on. While that can be a form of self-care for many people, looking after your mind and body is the greatest thing, and there is no better way of doing this than exercise.

Of course, going to the gym or hitting the local swimming baths is not the best idea at the moment, so you need to think of things that you can do either at home or that allow you to maintain social distancing. Perhaps use this time to find out how to get into yoga, or maybe you discover you really like following an online Zumba workout class.

Check in with people
Just because you can’t socially mix with your family and friends in person, it doesn’t mean that you can’t socialise at all. Thanks to technology such as social media, WhatsApp and Zoom, you can have group chats with your loved ones. Why not arrange a party night? Everyone can get dressed up in their fancy outfits, pour a cocktail and have a night out but staying in!

Have a routine
One of the hardest parts of being shut away at home, particularly if you are not working at the moment, is the lack of routine. Not having normality can play havoc with our mental health, so implementing a routine and incorporating self-care within that is important. It may be as simple as getting up in the morning and having a long hot shower before slathering on body lotion and getting dressed. Sometimes, doing hair and makeup and nails can make us feel good, even if it is just to wrap back up in a blanket and watch Netflix on the couch!

Treat yourself
Buy that expensive piece of steak and bottle of wine, light the candles and use your fanciest dining plates, even if it is just you on your own! Dig out that fancy cream or perfume that you put away for a special occasion and use it. Order that pair of merino wool socks. If it makes you feel good, do it. After all, there is nothing much else to do at the moment!

Self-care is always important, but never so much as it is during a worldwide pandemic. Look after yourself and your mental health.

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Self care is important for any time of the year. However, during lock down, it becomes even more crucial. Lock down is a time when people are limited to what they can do, where they can go and who they can talk to. This makes it difficult for people to maintain their mental health and emotional stability because they cannot fulfil their basic needs.