Having fresh second day curls

Have you have ever styled your curls so well that you didn’t want to sleep to avoid messing them up? Styling your curls after the shower will definitely take some time. But if you are using the right products, the results can be breath taking. But now that the day is over and you need to go to bed, you might feel worried about having to style your hair again in the morning.

As you sleep your amazing curls can get a little bit crazy. Sleep in a bun and your curls will go flat. Using a hair band to tie your hair can leave an unattractive dent that will look bad in the morning. If you decide to sleep without styling your hair, you might wake up with an unbelievable mane.  As a result, you might feel that you will have to style your hair all over again, just to be able to leave the house with confidence. You might even go weak and finally given in to chemical treatments that promise no hassle. 

Washing and styling your hair every single day is not a practical option. On one side, it strips your hair off its natural oils. These are the oils that naturally moisturise your scalp and hair strands. They are essential to keep your hair elastic and strong.

Sleep Right
You need to learn how to sleep right so that you can easily refresh your hair in the morning. Sleeping in a pineapple will help keep your curls intact. You can avoid having flat hair after sleeping for the night. 
Satin or silk pillow cases are so much better for your hair than cotton. Cotton causes static that makes your hair frizzy. Satin and silk will allow your hair to glide smoothly and your curls will look better in the morning. If you don’t have silk pillow cases, you can sleep in a silk or satin bonnet. It will keep your hair smooth and frizz free. 

Rise and shine
After sleeping for the night, you need to refresh your hair in the morning. Avoid brushing or combing your hair as it can change your curls to a messy frizz. Simply tilt your head upside down and scrunch some styling product in. If your curls have gone flat overnight, simply mist your hair so that it is easier to style. You can mix some of your favourite oil with the water to add some shine and smoothness to your strands. After applying more leave in conditioner and some styling gel or mousse, it is time to recoil your hair. Wrap the flat strands around your fingers and scrunch as much as you can. You can set your blowdryer on cold to dry your hair if it is a bit wet. 

Having good looking second, third and even fourth day curls is all about what you do the night before. If you don’t take care of your curls overnight, you will definitely get frustrated in the morning. It is all about using the right products and techniques in order to save precious time in the morning. You will easily have great curls that look like a lot of effort.

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