Last Chance to get Joliette & Sisay at Bargain prices

Joliette and Sisay

This offer ends on September 30th. All Joliette and Sisay products are now reduced to £5 or less. We are also offering for this last week of September a fifth product for free if you buy four of any of the Joliette and Sisay products available on our store.

Joliette Hair Mud Mask

Hair Mud Mask

Smells so good!
Choose from Chocolate Truffle, Caribbean Berry & Melon and Mango & Papaya
Made with Rhassoul Clay this Mask is infused with natural fruit extracts rather than essential oils - Your hair never smelled so good!

Joliette Hair Mud Mask is an excellent Pre Wash Treatment. It contains keratin for strengthening hair strands as well as Rhassoul Clay which is an excellent natural cleanser. Follow up with a Deep Conditioning Treatment for luscious soft manageable hair.

Apply to wet or dry hair!

Rhassoul Clay is excellent for cleansing hair naturally. This masque is a wonderful pre shampoo treatment, it is not fiddly and is ready to use. No need to make a clay paste.

What we love at AfroDeity
Creamy Consistency (No more mixing clays)
Paraben & SLS Free
Chocolatey Scent
Natural Cleanser
Soft Manageable Hair
Great for all Hair Types
Contain Keratin (key structural component of hair & nails)

Joliette’s Caribbean Scents
Mango & Papaya
Caribbean Berry & Melon
Chocolate Truffle

Mentioned here:
Muslimah Beauty: Chocolate
What Dawn Did in Heels: Afrodeity

Ingredients: Aqua, cocoamidopropyl betaine, organic shea butter, avocado oil, emulsifying wax NF, jojoba wax, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, rhassoul clay, vitamin C, vegetable glycerin, lactic acid (buttermilk powder), keratin amino acid, phenoxyethanol, xantham gum, chocolate truffle fragrance oil.

Directions: Apply this mud mask to wet or dry hair, leave in for a few minutes, rinse and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.

Precautions: Do not use near eyes. For external use only. Keep away from children. Seek medical attention if swallowed or if in contact with eyes.

Apply this mud mask to wet or dry hair, leave in for a few minutes, rinse and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.

Sisay Okra Conditioner

All the goodness of Okra is now available for your hair ...

Okra (INCI: Abelmoschus esculentus) is the fruit of a plant found primarily in the North and South American, but also in the Caribbean, Latin American and African countries is used as a vegetable.

Okra(Okra) is a good source of vitamins A, B complex (B6, Thiamin) Vitamin B, C and E, iron and calcium. It is rich in fiber, low in calories and fat free. Okra also contains Folic acid, calcium and zinc.

Okra is very nutritious. Not only as food but also for your hair and skin appears to be a super product okra. In many South and Latin American countries, this has been used for strong, healthy and shiny hair. Some even claim that regular use of ocher hair grows stronger and greatly stimulates hair growth.

Strengthen your hair with this conditioner every time you use it. A rich conditioner that gives her exactly the strength it needs. Not only good for your hair but also your scalp




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Jamaican Black Castor Oil Free Downlaods

jamaican black castor oil downloads

We've added a free downloads page to our blog and store. At present there are only a few downloads but quite a few more are to be added soon! Please feel free to read and download our hair guide for the parents of black children, updates and more pages to be added soon.

Current Downloads:

We hope they are useful to you 
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Afro Hair Stylist: Take Part in a BBC Show

bbc three logo

Do you have a flair for hair?
Do you create glamorous up-do’s for your family and friends?
Can you weave and braid like no other?
Or are you a parent that styles your childrens’ hair?

If so, we want to hear from you!
BBC3 are looking for talented amateur hairstylists for a brand new competitive and celebratory TV series, so if hair is your hidden talent, get in touch!

Email for more information

(More Information from the BBC Take Part Site)
Grab your combs, hair spray, bobby pins, and curling tongs and apply to take part in the most exciting thing to happen to hair since straightening irons.

We're looking for Britain's most talented and innovative unqualified hair enthusiasts to take part in a competitive hairstyling extravaganza.

We're especially keen to speak to people who can cut hair too.

Whether you've had formal training or not, so long as you haven’t completed an NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing you can apply to take part.

If you know the difference between a finger wave and a pin curl, can work your magic on anything from a beehive to an avant-garde creation then we want to hear from you. And some scissor skills would be handy too!

Please email us for an application form or download one from the link below.

To apply
Age limit: Applicants must be 18 years and over, or 16 years and over by 1 August 2013 but with parental consent.

You don't need to have had any formal training to apply. If you are currently in training, you must NOT have completed an NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing.

Application form: Download and complete the HAIR! application form (Word, 97KB).


BBC Hairstyling Series
BBC New Broadcasting House
NBH Floor 7, Zone C

Closing date: 7 October 2013

What a Week! Thank you Fountain Pimento Oil

I survived this week!

Yes I know that sounds a little dramatic but it has been hectic and busy to say the least and I have actually ended it in bed as I have a cold now. The reason that I am so grateful to the 1/8th of the bottle of Fountain Pimento Oil is just due to this mad week.
fountain pimento oil

All Weekend and Monday Morning: Lower Back Pain 
Not sure what was wrong with my back last weekend but I suffered for two days with lower back pain, as it was the last sunshine we were going to see for a while I took it upon my self to walk everywhere, which was probably a bad idea when carrying young children and a backpack full of the gubbins that comes with them. I also probably didn't sleep properly. By Monday I finally remembered that I had some Fountain Pimento Oil in the cupboard, not much but enough to rub onto my back. I gave it a shake and gave it a go. Went to bed and slept like a baby the smell of the Pimento Oil is so soothing and heavenly. Woke up in the morning back pain gone and hasn't returned (yet). Result!

Tuesday: Swollen Ankles
By Tuesday I was still tired from the previous week and after taking Sebastian to yet another after school activity went off to my weekly aerobics class. My ankles had been hurting since my martial arts training on the weekend but I had ignored them and after my aerobics class I was dying. Massaged my poor ankles that night before bed and woke up with them feeling a little better. Still sore mind you but not as swollen and I felt a little brighter.

Wednesday: Menstral Cramps  
By Wednesday my cramps hit with a vengeance and I usually use Pimento Oil for days like this. As usually worked like a charm. Soothing and relaxing!

Thursday: Fell Down the Stairs - Sore arms
On Thursday I fell down the stairs and knocked my arms about a bit on the bannister. They hurt for a while but I gave them a little rub. Too painful to massage I think they may be a bit bruised. Felt better in the morning.

Friday: Swollen Outer Ear (and a Cold...Boo!) 
Still cant explain but today my ear is completely swollen. Even though the outer ear is swollen it hurts my inner ear too. Got a cotton bud and swabbed the entire outer ear. Painful. The oil numbed the pain a bit. Compared to the ache I had in my ear before, I feel a lot better.

pimento oil

Needless to say I finished that bottles of Oil and went off to buy another. Hopefully next week will be a little less eventful.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

4 Vegan Friendly Natural Hair Products in the UK

Are you a vegan and looking for products for your natural hair. There are probably many others that do not list themselves as vegan but if you know of any please list them in the comments below.

Anita Grant Hair Products

What better way to care for your skin and hair than with products so pure they’re practically edible?
When Anita suffered a harsh reaction from using a so-called ‘safe’ synthetic hair lotion, she set out on a mission to create her own line of natural hair and skin care products. Since its launch in 2005, self-proclaimed ‘ingredient junkie’ Anita Grant has created environmentally-conscious cosmetics for her eponymous brand.

Lush R & B Hair Moisturiser available at LUSH
Quite a few great products from LUSH which are great for afro hair and are vegan
Revives the hair and balances the scalp. A leave-in moisturiser for all dry or curly hair types.
R & B is a little different from the rest of our hair products because it is designed to be left in, not washed out. It is like putting a face moisturiser onto your hair. The effects are amazing. Use it after washing or through the day for a boost.

Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil available at AfroDeity
Unique to Jamaica, these powerful liquid remedies have been used for centuries as traditional “Bush medicine”, renowned for healing, soothing and antioxidant benefits. Fountain™ Jamaican Oils advantages include well being, moisturised and toned skin, amongst many others!

Beija Flor Naturals available at Beautiful Roots
Beija-Flor Naturals is a vegan/vegetarian body care line with luxurious treats that promote healthy skin and hair....natural health and beauty remedies as an alternative to mainstream products.
The products are non-irritating and suitable for extra dry skin and sensitive skin types. Our all natural ingredients are organic whenever possible with vegan products that do not include petroleum-derived ingredients, harmful parabens and other chemicals.

I Love Afro available at I Love Afro
Most of their products are vegetarian or vegan!
I Love Afro was borne in 2008 by two ladies, Tash and Sash (cousins) as we found sourcing beneficial products for our hair difficult. Products we had used for years claiming they provided moisture, nourishment, tamed the hair etc. did the total opposite. As you can imagine learning to manage our hair took time and patience but with a real interest in this area we gathered vast amounts of information on maintaining a natural/curly textured mane and before long we embarked on a journey creating our own products suitable to our hair needs.

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Caribbean Bliss: Avocado for dry hair

Today I wanted to focus on another wonderful fruit from the Caribbean. Of course avocados are found in many other places all over the world but I wanted talk about what we in Jamaica like to call 'pear'.

Avocados help soothe, soften and revitalise dry hair. They contain fatty acids that strengthen hair and keep it lubricated and vitamin E that nourished and conditions the hair. The oil of avocado can be applied directly to your hair or scalp and has even been known to be use as an effective protection from UV damage for hair.

With winter on its way and we already seem to be experiencing particularly cold weather here in the UK, a great treat for you dry brittle hair at this time of year are avocados. I like to whip up my own mask now and again but you can also find great products with this ingredient in.

One set products I have recently used and loved is the Activilong Activ Repair Avocado range.

My favourite product had to be the Fantastic Oil from this range, not greasy at all and my hair just loved it. 

Avocado Hair Mask Recipe

This recipe uses two ingredients I swear by Avocado and Egg.
Mix together:
1 x egg yolk
1 teaspoon sweet almond oil
1 teaspoon of honey
and mash in 1/2 of an avocado.

Apply the paste to your hair (wet/dry) leave in for 20- 30 minutes and wash out.

If you have dry hair why not try an avocado hair mask!

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Levi Roots: Caribbean Food Made Easy

(Source: BBC)

I was happy to tune into the third instalment of Caribbean Food made easy. As someone who has never been any good at cooking Caribbean foods of any kind I was pleased to watch this and pick up some well needed tips.

"Levi Roots grew up in Jamaica where his grandmother taught him the magic of Caribbean cooking. He later moved to England, but yearned for the music and sunshine of Jamaica. 

To combat his homesickness he would spend hours in the kitchen, preparing the recipes his grandmother had given him and refining her recipe for jerk chicken sauce - a mission that led to him appearing on BBC Two's Dragons' Den where he won financial backing to market his sauce commercially." (Source: BBC)

My favourite recipes from the episode were the mackerel with green banana and the patty a Jamaican fave, I didn't realise it was Turmeric that made the pastry yellow but was pleased to have that mystery solved. There were also interesting facts about Jamaica thrown in. The spiced mackerel dish looked so good I went straight out to the supermarket and bought fresh mackerel, tomatoes and red onion and created a lovely meal for dinner (with rice rather than green bananas though, hard to get out here in the sticks)


Find recipes from the show here:
What I love about Caribbean food is that it isn't just hot and spicy, it is packed full of flavour. Learn more about Caribbean food and some interesting facts about the Caribbean thrown in.

Catch Levi Roots on BBC 2 Saturday's at 12:45

"Carry mi ackee go a Linstead Market not a quatty don't sell"

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