Levi Roots: Caribbean Food Made Easy

(Source: BBC)

I was happy to tune into the third instalment of Caribbean Food made easy. As someone who has never been any good at cooking Caribbean foods of any kind I was pleased to watch this and pick up some well needed tips.

"Levi Roots grew up in Jamaica where his grandmother taught him the magic of Caribbean cooking. He later moved to England, but yearned for the music and sunshine of Jamaica. 

To combat his homesickness he would spend hours in the kitchen, preparing the recipes his grandmother had given him and refining her recipe for jerk chicken sauce - a mission that led to him appearing on BBC Two's Dragons' Den where he won financial backing to market his sauce commercially." (Source: BBC)

My favourite recipes from the episode were the mackerel with green banana and the patty a Jamaican fave, I didn't realise it was Turmeric that made the pastry yellow but was pleased to have that mystery solved. There were also interesting facts about Jamaica thrown in. The spiced mackerel dish looked so good I went straight out to the supermarket and bought fresh mackerel, tomatoes and red onion and created a lovely meal for dinner (with rice rather than green bananas though, hard to get out here in the sticks)


Find recipes from the show here:
What I love about Caribbean food is that it isn't just hot and spicy, it is packed full of flavour. Learn more about Caribbean food and some interesting facts about the Caribbean thrown in.

Catch Levi Roots on BBC 2 Saturday's at 12:45

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