Caribbean Bliss: Avocado for dry hair

Today I wanted to focus on another wonderful fruit from the Caribbean. Of course avocados are found in many other places all over the world but I wanted talk about what we in Jamaica like to call 'pear'.

Avocados help soothe, soften and revitalise dry hair. They contain fatty acids that strengthen hair and keep it lubricated and vitamin E that nourished and conditions the hair. The oil of avocado can be applied directly to your hair or scalp and has even been known to be use as an effective protection from UV damage for hair.

With winter on its way and we already seem to be experiencing particularly cold weather here in the UK, a great treat for you dry brittle hair at this time of year are avocados. I like to whip up my own mask now and again but you can also find great products with this ingredient in.

One set products I have recently used and loved is the Activilong Activ Repair Avocado range.

My favourite product had to be the Fantastic Oil from this range, not greasy at all and my hair just loved it. 

Avocado Hair Mask Recipe

This recipe uses two ingredients I swear by Avocado and Egg.
Mix together:
1 x egg yolk
1 teaspoon sweet almond oil
1 teaspoon of honey
and mash in 1/2 of an avocado.

Apply the paste to your hair (wet/dry) leave in for 20- 30 minutes and wash out.

If you have dry hair why not try an avocado hair mask!

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