What a Week! Thank you Fountain Pimento Oil

I survived this week!

Yes I know that sounds a little dramatic but it has been hectic and busy to say the least and I have actually ended it in bed as I have a cold now. The reason that I am so grateful to the 1/8th of the bottle of Fountain Pimento Oil is just due to this mad week.
fountain pimento oil

All Weekend and Monday Morning: Lower Back Pain 
Not sure what was wrong with my back last weekend but I suffered for two days with lower back pain, as it was the last sunshine we were going to see for a while I took it upon my self to walk everywhere, which was probably a bad idea when carrying young children and a backpack full of the gubbins that comes with them. I also probably didn't sleep properly. By Monday I finally remembered that I had some Fountain Pimento Oil in the cupboard, not much but enough to rub onto my back. I gave it a shake and gave it a go. Went to bed and slept like a baby the smell of the Pimento Oil is so soothing and heavenly. Woke up in the morning back pain gone and hasn't returned (yet). Result!

Tuesday: Swollen Ankles
By Tuesday I was still tired from the previous week and after taking Sebastian to yet another after school activity went off to my weekly aerobics class. My ankles had been hurting since my martial arts training on the weekend but I had ignored them and after my aerobics class I was dying. Massaged my poor ankles that night before bed and woke up with them feeling a little better. Still sore mind you but not as swollen and I felt a little brighter.

Wednesday: Menstral Cramps  
By Wednesday my cramps hit with a vengeance and I usually use Pimento Oil for days like this. As usually worked like a charm. Soothing and relaxing!

Thursday: Fell Down the Stairs - Sore arms
On Thursday I fell down the stairs and knocked my arms about a bit on the bannister. They hurt for a while but I gave them a little rub. Too painful to massage I think they may be a bit bruised. Felt better in the morning.

Friday: Swollen Outer Ear (and a Cold...Boo!) 
Still cant explain but today my ear is completely swollen. Even though the outer ear is swollen it hurts my inner ear too. Got a cotton bud and swabbed the entire outer ear. Painful. The oil numbed the pain a bit. Compared to the ache I had in my ear before, I feel a lot better.

pimento oil

Needless to say I finished that bottles of Oil and went off to buy another. Hopefully next week will be a little less eventful.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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