Relaxed at 13 weeks post relaxer

Due to illness and just being extremely busy, I managed to stretch my hair to 13 weeks!!

My sister was around when it was being relaxed and commented on how straight it looked and wondered if it was because I don't relax every six weeks like she does. Previously when my hair was newly relaxed it would be curly, limp and red (possibly damaged) I did it every six weeks religiously. Lots of the women in my family are skeptical about the lengths I am going to, to retain my length, frankly they cant understand why I don't just get a weave!

But I am determined to get this to work and once I have acheived my goals of chin length front hair and APL back of the hair, I will probably do something different, but for now I continue on with my challenge to grow my hair.

Currently just over shoulder length, needs some dusting but comparison pics in my next post.


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