My current regime

Hi All,

I just finished my monthly cleanse routine.
My current routine now involves once a month using Bentonite clay to cleanse my hair and scalp.
Especially as I have chosen not to use a relaxer but keep a straight do, it requires being a bit creative and keeping my roots clean and moisturised so they do not tangle.

I have been trying out some slightly unconventional mixtures for my deep condition:

My current deep condition involves all or some of the following ingredients
5 x tbsp Olive Oil
1 x Egg
2 x tbsp Jamaican Black castor Oil
a handful of bentonite clay

I wash the bentonite mixture out then I  co-wash with Jane Carter Nourishing conditioner so that I can detangle my hair in the shower. I find this more effective as with new growth my hair tangles considerably especially with the bentonite mixture in. (I wash out the clay mixture and then do an extra condition whilst I shave etc.)

At present I still wash my hair twice a week, with one co-wash and one deep condition at the end of the week.

I am planning to get some more mane and tail as I found this quite moisturising. So would like to use this again.
Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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