The Seduction of Straight Hair

After much agonising about whether to transition or keep my hair straight. I have decided that I like my hair straight and it is the hair style that I have decided to go with and that is my choice. If there was ever pressure to straighten your hair when I was younger. I feel that recent arguments and events and made me feel pressured to transition and go natural.

It's not a desire to look white as many believe. I kind of feel insulted by that assumption. I haven't been seduced by the media and the 'pretty' young things on the telly. I have actually only worn my hair straight for the last 8 years, previous to that I rocked an Afro all through my teens and into my mid twenties against convention and frankly I got a little bored of rocking a 'fro and with a fat face like mine, a straight do really frames the face well.

As you can gather, I like to go against convention and now that everyone is going for a fro, I want to go straight. I will not necessarily be using relaxers, there are other ways. So I plan to be a bit more creative with my regime and it does mean I may have to use heat where previously I wouldn't have done.

Well we will see how it goes. Maybe I will get bored and shave it all off and dye it platinum blonde.

Have a good day and wrap up warm. It's so cold today!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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