Tangle Teezer - 6 months on

Hi there my lovely Afrodeities

Not really enjoying the weather at the mo, but Que Sera! Hopefully it will warm up later this week.
I remember before starting my hair journey I would have run like a mad woman screaming from the rain, not wanting to mess up my do! But now a days I have no need, I rarely press my hair anymore and if it has been recently straightened I just wash it when I get home if I have time. A bit of moisture doesn't seem to bother me anymore as I know its nothing to be afraid of. i of course wear my hair up most of the time so a bit of drizzle isn't a prob. A torrential downpour however might be a problem.

Anyone else experienced this phenomenon of walking calmly through the rain since they started their journey... Let us know your Hair Scare Stories.

Anyway moving on... Just thought I would talk a bit about the tangle teezer. I am still using this tool everyday and have found it more useful than my comb. If I do use it when stretching I do lose a bit more hair than normal, but that is expected as it is a lot thicker.

I still recommend using this a smoothing device. I tend to comb and style my hair the night before, wrap in a satin scarf and in the morning only a slight amount of smoothing required. Therefore less messing around with my hair and less hair loss. Also I have found that this device is great wit detangling wet hair.

You can buy your tangle teezer from

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Leilu's Amazon for £9.71. (Available with Amazon Prime)

Anybody have any Hair Care stories they want to share? or anyone loving their tangle teezer?

Let us know we always want to hear from you

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