Hair Disaster

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For those of you that have read and liked Don't touch a black womans hair syndrome , and Chris Rocks Good Hair: British White Male will like this hair disaster story.

A friend of mine just started co-habitating with a young man of the caucasian persuasion. When you start to live with someone there are certain things you may want to keep to your self or that you may not want them to know yet! You are used to having your privacy after all.

Well my friend had weave in at the time and was doing a repair job in the bathroom. There were pieces everywhere, hanging on the side of the bath, on the sink, by the toilet and she was looking in the mirror, trying to sort it out when the door she though she had locked, opened and in stepped her young man.
From her description I am not sure who was more horrified or embarrassed! Her with her hair all over the bathroom? Or him walking in and finding that scene and wondering who exactly he had agreed to live with.
Anyway he was cool about it when she explained but didn't realise her hair involved so much or costed so much! He just assumed it grew out of her head and look nice all the time.

When she told me I laughed so hard,I fell off my chair. I just can't imagine the expression on either one of their faces.
I suppose when do you tell someone about that stuff (no matter their race, all men are generally clueless). It's not the kind of thing you bring up on a first date and some women would rather their partners never know how they manage the effortlessly flawless beauty they see daily.

Well it takes a lot if work, weather waxing or shampooing or applying eyeliner, we do seem to go to extreme lengths to look good. Not that everyone goes to extreme lengths but we all do something to make ourselves look and feel nice.

If you have any hair or beauty disaster stories you want to share email me and let me know!

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Ms. D said...

LOL...that is funny! I have a friend that was living with her boyfriend for like 4 years and he NEVER saw her real hair and thought her tracks were real. How she did it, I have no idea. One thing I do know is that he was never allowed to touch her hair. LOL