Clay instead of heat for Relaxed Hair

So I have found that heat only damages my hair more than is necessary, so I air dry, keep my hair in up dos and braid outs an rarely do anything fun with it for fear of damaging it. That is until I discovered the beauty of clays. My favourite at the moment is Argile Rogue Clay the red colour reminds me of the soil and dirt that is found where my family is from and it gives my hair a mild red tints that compliments my complexion. This particular clay is from France and although everyone raves about the clays from far flung places this clay worked just as well and is a little more environmentally friendly as it only comes from across the channel. Other great clays are Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Rose Clay and Sahara Clay.

So whats so great about it or any other clay for that matter. I have tried several clays now and really they have all had the same effect on my hair  - Body & Bounce.

All I do is mix it up with a floral water (and a little of any of my favourite natural oils). You can use as much or as little as you like but I only use a little and blend together to get a creamy consistency. Some time I use as a pre shampoo treatment, as a cleanser or as a deep conditioner. I prefer to use in my pre shampoo treatment as I like to use my SLS free shampoo to wash it out as it can get quite messy. You are applying what is essentially a type of dirt to you hair! I only do this treatment once a week so as not to dry my hair out too much.

Well after I've done all that, I part my hair down the middle braid in two and sleep on it. Once my hair has dried, no heat at all required. just let the plaits out and voila, believe me you wont believe that you havent actually blow dried your hair. It will feel like you have.
As it can feel a little dry, I use the Mixed Chick Leave In to add a a nit of moisture and its non sticky consistency allows the hair to still feel bouncy and lush!

Try it, you wont believe how much you love it.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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