Breast Cancer Awareness- More Than Hair

When I heard that UK Naturals was hosting an event called 'More Than Hair' I was intrigued by the title. Then I was even more intrigued when I found out that the event wasn't really to do with black hair! but was in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. The idea behind the event is that as black women we are more than our hair. We need to do more than look after our outer beauty we need to look after our inner beauty too! 

The statistics of incidences of breast cancer in the black population by contrast to the white population are staggering.

Did you know that:

  • Breast cancer is the most common malignancy affecting women in the UK
  • 45,000 women are diagnosed with the disease annually. 
  • While the majority of cases are presented and diagnosed in good time, around 20-30 per cent of women with symptoms of breast cancer wait three months before consulting their GP. 
  • Research has shown that although the incidence of breast cancer is lower in women of black African and black Caribbean ancestry, when they are diagnosed it is often at a more advanced stage and they have worse survival rates than white British women.
  • Black women are less likely than white women to get breast cancer, yet have the highest cancer death rate
  • Black women have a lower 5 year survival rate at 77% compared to that of 90% for white women
  • A significant number of black women develop a more aggressive form of breast cancer.
  • Black women are less at risk of developing breast cancer but for those that do develop breast cancer the outlook is worse than their white counterparts.

"Black women develop breast cancer on average 10 to 20 years younger” 
  Abi Ajose-Adeogun and Marina Raime, Better Days Cancer Care

It was also noted that the drugs used at the moment for breast cancer may not be effective on this more aggressive type of breast cancer as studies have not been done into this particular type of cancer that affects black women. As this research has highlighted this problem, treatments are now being investigated to treat this type of cancer. If more research confirm  this study's outcome screening services offered to black women need to be altered to better reflect the age at which they are diagnosed with breast cancer. The reason for the differences between diagnosis times between the races is being investigated from socio economic circumstance, biological differences, cultural attitudes and geography.

I am happy that the problem is being addressed but a little dismayed as to why has it has taken so long to even realise there was  a problem at all. 

When you get in the shower, dont just check your strands, make sure you check for lumps too. It only takes a few minutes and it could save your life.

Want to know how to do a self examination? Click the image below.

Want to know more about UK Naturals  Rachy  & Naomi - See their blog here and their YouTube Channel Here and dont forget to buy your tickets.

More Than Hair 
The Paradise 
19 Kilburn Ln, London, Greater London W10 4AE, UK
September 9th, 2012
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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