Beat the Winter Weather

After an unusually mild Christmas and New Year, winter got fully into its stride in January. Whatever Global Warming may be doing to our climate in the long term, the last few years have seen snow and ice descend at least once – if not two or three times – each winter.
This is good news for some – especially schoolchildren – with days off school and shops selling sledges and snow shovels (which fly off the shelves in a cold snap). For others, though, it can be downright dangerous, with many people injured after falling or trying to drive on icy roads.
For most of us, however, the cold weather is more of an inconvenience than anything else. While not being able to get to the office can be fun for a day, knowing that work is piling up while you sit trapped at home isn’t such a laugh. Nor are cancelled social plans or the constant cold temperatures and the sniffly nose that comes with them. If you’re feeling a little miserable because of the chilly, gloomy weather outside, try these tips to cheer yourself up.
  • Treat yourself to a cup of something steamy - Whether it’s a hot chocolate with marshmallows or a mug of creamy latte, cold weather gives you the perfect the excuse to indulge. We burn more calories in the cold as our bodies try to stay warm, so you can afford to take on a few extra.
  • Curl up in something warm - In this weather, you can forget about normal clothing conventions. Wear your snuggly hats and scarves indoors, and go to the shop in your fleecy onesie. What’s your collection of winter coats like? If you haven’t got one that’s up to the job in this weather, see if you can order online to save traipsing out to the shops.
  • Swap nights out for nights in - Bar-hopping might not hold much appeal right now. So forget glamming up and going out – get the girls round for a DVD and wine session instead!
  • Satin Lined Silk Hats - Protect your hair from damage by cotton and wool hats. Wool and cotton can cause breakage as the fibres are not as smooth as silk or satin they can pull out fragile curly hair. You can also do this yourself to existing hats.
  • Warming Oils - Keep the cold at bay with oils that warm up your toes. Rub some warming Jamaican Pimento Oil into your feet and put socks on. This can help keep you warm on a cold winter night. Find some more excellent winter oils here.
Guest Post by  C. M. L.


leillah said...

I totally agree with all the above except the 'onesie' bit. Seriously, no, don't wear onesies out of the house. But yes, to all the rest.
Looking forward to trying out the Jamaican Pimento oil. I have such cold feet all the time.

AfroDeity said...

LOL! We all used to wear onsies in the winter when I lived in Canada. But it was -28.