Creme de la Femme 2014 by Screen Nation

Creme de la Femme 2014 by Screen Nation

50 of the Best and Brightest Black British women came together in  July for the 'Creme de la Feme' networking event. Paulette Randall, Donna Croll, Sherry Ann Dixon, Denise Lewis, Jenny Garrett, Neoni Bennett, Tina Lobondi, Eliza Anyangwe, Claudia Webbe and so many more. I was so pleased to have been a part of the very first one!

So what is Creme de la Femme?
Crème de la Femme is a totally unique annual gathering of many of the highest achieving women in the UK. Bringing together leading ladies from politics and finance alongside entrepreneurs, Oscar nominees, world champions and many others, Crème de la Femme is designed to be the premier regular social gathering of women of colour in Europe, all designed to raise funds for women focussed charities around the world. 

With entry gained purely by invitation only, Crème de la Femme was designed to become ‘the’ most sought after event for ladies to do ‘Lunch’. Hosted each time by a well loved media personality, the 4 star luncheons take place no more than 3 times a year and are hosted exclusively at select Michelin star restaurants and top west end London hotels. 

High Profile, High Flying, High Achieving but never High Faluting

With Sherry Ann Dixon and sam Johnson

In short it was an amazing just to be in the same room with these inspirational women and the Screen Nation Team put on a truly luxurious event filled with class and style. It as the first one and I was truly honoured to be there. 

The event was hosted by Dona Croll, actress of film, TV and theatre. 

Patron of Crème de la Femme is the irrepressibleSherry Ann Dixon, PR Guru, Radio Broadcaster, Journalist, Lecturer and inspirational Public Speaker

Donna Croll and Sherry and Dixon 

Paulette Randal being honoured at Creme de a Femme. 
 Paulette and the creators of TV show Desmond's were honoured at the first Creme de la Femme event 

We were treated to poems by the Flocalist who was not only talented but warm and lovely to talk to. She was there with some members of her family who were just lovely too!

Olympic Gold Medalist Denise Lewis OBE was the first to walk away with a prize on the day 

So did many of my new friends at my table 
Natasha of Hype Coiffure

Nicki of Got Ya Back Girl is going to next years Screen Nation Awards 
with a chance to possible meet Idris Elba( I'm not jealous at all!!!)

Neomi Bennet of  Neo Slip getting her prize!

I met so many of the most wonderful people, Sam Johnson of Sky Sports, Sherry-Ann Dixon the Creme de la femme patron, Neomi Bennet of NeoSlip, Maverene Cole of QVC, Model & Actress Quben, Jenny Garret of 'Rocking My Role' and fashion designer and Toni Lombardi!

with Jenny Garrett
with Maverene Cole
with Toni Lombardi

Can wait until next year to do it again. Hats off to Screen Nation for a great event.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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