Keeping your hair healthy this winter


The weather has taken a distinctly chilly turn these last couple of weeks, so it’s about time we started letting you know how to look after your precious curls this winter, making sure you come out of the other side looking as gorgeous as ever!

1. Watch what you wear
Those wool hats and scarves sure are cosy, but when they rub or pull of delicate black hair it can result in breakages! Making sure that your hair is out of the way of your scarf is the first step, but if you’re particularly crafty you could sew a satin or silk lining into your winter accessories. 

2. Don’t take the heat
Heating up your home and work can dry out your hair, but naturally you don’t want to sit in the cold either! The way to beat this is with extra deep conditioning, around once a week, with products which lock in moisture for a good amount of time. We always think that sticking to natural oils is preferable for holding in the moisture you get from water, why not try the LOC method?

Speaking of hotness, try to put down those straighteners, hairdryers and curling irons too, they’ll help to suck the moisture out of your hair!

3. Avoid the wash ’n’ go
On the other side of the coin, you don’t want to let your hair get too wet. Wet or damp hair can actually freeze and break outside, so make sure you plan your hair washing to fit.

4. Give protective styling a go 
Of course protective styles such as buns, braids  and twists will protect your ends any time of the ear, but in the winter they can also protect your hair from the harsh weather. Try out some French rolls and look sophisticated whilst doing good for your hair.

These short four tips should get you started to making it through winter with the beautiful hair you deserve, the natural way. 

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Geraldine Scott
AfroDeity Blogger

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