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I recently came into contact with Akira Byrd, the owner of Curl Centric. She told me about a colouring book she had created for little girls, with curly /kinky hair types. I was really pleased to hear this as no matter what we tell our children they come to their own decisions and ideas and they just generally view the world in a completely different way to an adult. 

I love that the new book is for kids with curly hair and that the drawings have such differing textures and styles. Just like the little girls that will be colouring them.

Over to the guys at CurlCentric: has created a new colouring book to give children a positive portrayal of curly haired people, so they don't feel isolated by one of their defining features.

Curl Centric Publishes Curly Kids Coloring Book To Help Children See Positive Portrayals Of Curly Hair. Curly hair is often considered a nuisance for those who have it, but its true potential is far more varied than straight hair can be. Unfortunately for curly haired children, their minority status can see them subject to bullying and derision. As such, it is important that this is counterbalanced with positive messages. As the media cannot be relied upon to show curly hair in a positive light, people have been left looking for alternatives, and Curl Centric has provided one. They have just published a new Natural Hair Coloring Book for children with curly hair.

The  Curly Kids Coloring Book is a new product, and was created because Curl Centric understands the importance of representation. It is important for little girls with textured hair to see images that look like them. The book features more than thirty different images, including action shots, mermaids, princesses and ballerinas.

The girls in the colouring books have also arranged their hair in a variety of styles that range from cornrow braids, puffs, two strand twists, bantu knots, wash and gos, locs and many more, to show girls with curly hair the amazing potential their hair has to be defined and redefined.

A spokesperson for Curl Centric explained, "Those with naturally curly hair in the media tend to straighten it, leaving little girls without role models. The colouring book is designed to fill that void and offset the lack of representation. This is just the beginning however, and showing girls it's possibly to have a curly haired princess or action hero will open them up to a world of possibilities for their own hair, many of which can be found on our website. The book is available now, and we advise all parents of curly haired children to order a copy."

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 Curly Kids Coloring Book

Curly Kids Coloring Book

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