Product Review: Highlights on Afro Hair with ColorCones

ColorCones Review -Precise Hair Colouring

I love new innovative products that make our lives easier, so when I was introduced to the concept of ColorCones I jumped at the chance to try them. They are marketed as 'Precise Hair Colour' and I completely understand why! You are able to target specific parts of your hair for highlighting, ombre and retouching. Also for Afro Caribbean Hair where foils can be tricky I found these and excellent alternative.

Each re-usable kit contains:
 16 x Cones
2 x Special Applicator Brushes
6 x pin Tools
16 x Indicator Lids
Instruction Leaflet
'Clam' pack for storage

These cones seemed perfect for Afro Hair due to their unique shape. Unlike foil where the hair has to lie flat, the cones seemed more likely to be to hold a mass of my curly hair quite neatly.  I have never had highlights and I dyed my hair blue once some 17 years ago. Also even though I relaxed my hair at home quite happily many years ago, doing highlights didn't seem like something I could do myself. 

How was it?
Loved using these, so easy to pull onto the hair. However I think I put too much hair in each cone, so the dye didn't go up to  the root. This is actually one of the best things about this cones.  The ability to put them right up the root and minimal dye touches your scalp. When the Cones are removed they pull any excess dye off with them.

Due to mistake of putting too much hair on each cone there was a slight area up to the root that didn't get dyed.

Putting ColorCones on my Afro Hair

All in all perfect for curly hair. Especially for a first timer who had never had highlights before.  This was exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend to anyone looking to add highlights or ombre their hair.

Where to Buy?


My tips for using ColorCones
* Get a second pair if hands if you've never done this before.  Also having someone else there makes it easier to keep dye off your skin and face.

* Dont put too much hair in each cone. Even though they are wide, too much hair will mean you cannot  go up to the root for touch ups. On the other hand for ombre styles this wont matter too much.

* The yellow caps are quite fiddly. I didn't end up using them but they are great to help you know which ones you've done already. I didn't end up using these though.

* I found it easier to just apply with my fingers (gloved) rather than a brush.

Here is an instructional video giving you more of an idea on how to use the ColorCones.

What Can you Use ColorCones for?

My final results, I loved this as it just showed a tinge of reddy blonde. I may go a bit more flamboyant next time but but now I just wanted sun kissed highlights for me really. I also chose quite a light colour for my dark brown hair.

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