Hair Dryers for Black or Afro Hair in the UK

Hair Dryers for Black or Afro Hair in the UK

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Every so often I get requests from people about the best afro hair dryer on the market. I completely love my Toni & Guy Moisture Lock Afro Hair Dryer which I have used occasionally over the last 5 years. Unfortunately this is no longer available, so I have put together a list of products available to buy both in the UK and US.

Some Hair Dryer Tips:
* Use a good heat protectant
* Try not to blow dry the hair until bone dry.
* Remember not use shampoos that strip natural oils,
* Drink plenty of water
* Use deep conditioning treatments at least one a month

Doing these things can stop hair from becoming brittle and dry.

If you are the US and looking for a good hairdryer some of the best on the market are:
* Chi Rocket Hair Dryer
BaByliss Pro Porcelin Ceramic Dryer
Andis Ceramic Ionic Dryer

Unfortunately theses are quite difficult to get hold of here in the UK.

You will be looking for words like Ceramic, Tourmaline or Ionic when choosing a good hair dryer for your hair. There are very few specifically for Afro Hair available in the UK. However these are a few that would work well with this hair type.

You may need to buy a Pik Attachment separately

Toni & Guy Moisture Lock Afro Hair Dryer 
Found an instance of this here

Also find these on Amazon


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