Help Alicia out!!

Joliette is going to kill me...
Somehow I managed to have sent too much of our new Caribbean Citrus Facial Toner and Facial Cleansing Oil, Hair Cream Cleanser and Hydrating Mist to the warehouse and our allocated shelves are full. The extra storage will cost a fortune and Joliette gave me a budget to get it done and I blew it!
While she is away this week, island hopping in the Caribbean, there is still a chance I can fix this, so I'm giving you an awesome deal. I'm holding a serious Flash Sale on all of these items with 50% off before she gets back on Sunday!

You can go to our store and use the coupon code FLASHTW. Alternatively contact me directly at and I will personally hook you up, even if you aren't in the UK, just drop me a line.
You also get free samples of our other gorgeous products with every order and FREE DELIVERY on UK orders over £60, European Orders over £80 and Orders from the US & Canada over £100
Do it today and get more of that gorgeous luxury you deserve.

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