What Is So Special About Coconut Oil Anyway?

Coconut Oil: why it is useful

We all know coconut oil can help you cook up a storm in the kitchen…but did you know that it's benefits span way beyond making food delicious?

Lush, shiny, healthy, manageable and beautiful hair can be yours when you add coconut oil to your hair regimen! This oil is so incredible that you can clear out all your commercial conditioners and styling products and replace them with this all-in-one hair care solution. It is rich in anti-microbial properties, lauric acid and fatty acid that strengthens hair, conditions scalp and regrows lost hair! Rich in vitamins and minerals this oil alone can have your hair looking fantastic. These are the top three benefits of coconut oil for your hair.

This awesome gift from nature is free of scary chemicals that are found in commercial hair products. It is an excellent conditioner for all hair types! It was recently discovered that coconut oil is the only oil that reduces protein loss and far outperforms sunflower oil and mineral oil. Protein loss in hair is the major cause of breakage and hair loss so you can imagine how coconut oil will transform your tresses! The lauric acid found in coconut oil is so lightweight that it penetrates the hair shaft and supply it with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Though conditioning it helps to prevent damage from combing and brushing and is safe enough to even be used on babies. Using coconut oil as a conditioner is great and a little goes a long way.

If you have thinning hair then coconut oil is a safe, effective and reasonably priced solution for you. It will help you to grow your hair longer and thicker while improving the overall health of your hair. Before you look to prescription medication for your thinning hair just give coconut oil a try. These medications for thinning hair only work for 50% of individuals anyway. You need to adjust your diet and use coconut oil for styling and conditioning and you will be completely amazed.

Coconut oil has been effectively used for decades to fight off dandruff. We all know how unsightly, itchy and annoying this condition can be and it can be caused by a number of factors. These may include dry skin, sensitivity to harsh chemicals and yeast-like fungal infections. Coconut oil has antiviral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties to attack the fungus in your scalp. Topical application of coconut oil will make a world of difference. Add to hair regimen!

Many commercial hair products contain chemicals, parabens and harsh sulfates that do more harm than good. On top of it all they are expensive! You need to trust and believe in one of nature's best gifts to us and that is coconut oil. You should never underestimate its capabilities as they go way beyond hair, skin and cooking delicious meals. You should put coconut oil to the test when all else has failed.

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Zunammie K.

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