Protecting your Hair from the Summer Heat

Protecting your Hair from the Summer Heat

Summer is all about fun in the sun. A lot of people worry so much about exposing their skin to the harsh summer sun and heat but tend to forget the effect of the same elements on the hair. As a matter of fact, exposing your hair to too much summer heat can take its toll on your strands. As a result, you will have to deal with tired, dry and brittle hair that will take so much time to get back to normal.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 ways that will help you take care of your hair and protect it from the summer heat.

Use SPF Protection

SPF protection is not just for your skin. There are some good products that will have SPF protection and will protect your hair during the hot summer mornings. Using a good leave in conditioner with SPF protection will keep your hair moisturized and will protect it against the effect of the UV rays. If you are planning on getting your hair wet, then you may want to use a water proof product. If you can’t find a good water proof product with SPF protection, then it is advised to slather on a generous amount of a thick rich product before you hit the waves.

Avoid Too Much Heat

You may find that your hair starts to turn limp and lifeless in the summer. This is because the summer heat will rip your hair of its bounce and life. Avoiding using extra heat from the blow dryer or curling irons is a good decision for so many reasons. For starters, summer is all about hitting the water and relaxing in the sun. Using heat to style your hair is not really practical as the humidity will ruin everything you have worked for in a matter of minutes or hours. At the same time, the summer heat will cause your hair to be dry and brittle. Adding more heat will just increase the amount of damage to your precious strands. Try to let your hair air dry as much as possible and style it in more natural ways.

Wear a Hat or Cap:

A hat will not just protect your face against the harmful UV rays but will also keep your hair sheltered. The summer heat and the sun rays will dry your hair and subject it to a lot of damage. If you are planning to sit in the sun, it is a good advice to wear a nice big hat that will look stylish and chic. Wear a swimming cap if you are planning to spend some time in the pool as the combination of sun rays and chlorine can be fatal.

Stay Hydrated

While you are trying to protect your hair from the outside, it is very important not to forget how to protect it from the inside. If you are not drinking enough water or juice, you will not be doing anything to protect your hair. Make sure that you are having enough fluids and don’t forget your fruit and vegetables as they will provide your hair with the natural vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy.

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