Shea Butter at the Body Shop

Hello lovely AfroDeities, 

I thought I would write about my latest in-store/online find: the Shea Butter products at the Body Shop. There are several Body Butters, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Mist, Hand Wash, Eau De Toilette and even 100% Shea Butter.

The Body Shop 100% Shea Butter is Community Fair Trade in its purest form has been carefully whipped to create a creamy, melting texture. It has been expertly handcrafted by Ghanaian women, who have used shea butter to  nourish dry skin and hair for generations. This moisturising, multi-purpose butter can be used on the body, hair, face and lips, inspired by Ghanaian women’s traditional beauty routines.

These products are excellent for both dry hair and skin, cruelty free, vegan and the packaging is recyclable. Your skin will feel nourished, softer, suppler, and smoother, ticking all the boxes.

I am always looking for a gift for a friend or relative's birthday. If you are still looking for that perfect gift then look no further. The Body Shop has something for everyone. This year I even gifted myself a Body Shop Advent Calendar at Christmas and I couldn't be more pleased with how much I got out of it. 

With Mothers Day around the corner it's the perfect time to check out what gorgeous goodies
they have to offer.

You can find the Shea Products at the Body Shop Here or pop down to your local Body Shop to see which fragrances suit you. *AfroDeity is an official The Body Shop



Embrace your Inner AfroDeity 



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