New Growth

OMG! I just let my hair down as I keep it up in a twist with a hair pin 100% of the time and never let it down. It is just above shoulder length and I am only 4 weeks post relaxer.

Quite a lot of growth. Will upload pics soon. I am just so amazed that all the care and attention actually works.

I was getting a bit disenfranchised with the whole looking after my hair thing, but I think I will perceiver. The ends look really thin so will definitely need a trim after next relaxer.

I am experiencing quite a lot of breakage and so am trying to minimise the amount that I manipulate my hair. Hardly any combing, and I am currently not combing it through. I just keep it in the same style and cover before bed. It is quite thick at the moment due to all the growth as well so combing probably not a good idea.

I ordered some products from another site I decided to try out. Hoping to get Elasta QP DPR which I have heard good things about and Wave Nouveau Moisturising Lotion. So far the customer service from Roots and Sculpture has been good, but will let you know.

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