Good Hair In UK Cinemas June 25, 2010


Chris Rocks Good Hair will be hitting UK cinemas on June 25th 2010. I kinda feel a little cheated as the hype in America has kinda ended and I still have to wait till June to see it in the cinema much less get it on DVD.

I really hate going to the cinema, but I might make a day of it and take my mummy and my aunties.

I still haven't bought the American DVD as I am in that annoying state where our multi region DVD player broke and we cant decide whether to buy a new one or get a blu ray player
But that is a completely different kettle of fish.

I wanted to see this film as a bit of fun but the over publicity in American has turned this into an argument about race and lack of self worth. I just fancied a laugh. End Rant

Anyone going to see this or at this stage cant really be bothered??



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