Adding to the regime

So I was in a rush one afternoon and washed my hair without prepooing by accident.
When I started shampooing I realised and thought 'How am I going to rectify this?'

So I decided to add some Ojon Restorative Treatment to my Usual conditioner. This product is generally amazing and I find that the longer you leave it on the better.

After I washed the conditioner and Ojon Oil out my hair felt really amazing, and breakage was lessened.

So I have now started a new regime on Saturdays which works really well if I am planning on blow drying or applying any heat to my hair as Ojon Oil products are great for protecting your hair before heat styling:

My New Saturday Regime

PrePoo with JBCO and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
Shampoo with Ojon Ulta Hydrating Shampoo
Deep Condition with Ojon Restorative Treatment and PhytoSpecific Vital Force Conditioner

I probably wont do this every Saturday but maybe once a month after clarifying.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity!


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