Overwhelmed by Products

I guess we have all had this, you walk into your local hair retailer or you log onto your favourite online store and you are so overwhelmed by the number of products that are available. 
Do you go for the cheapest, the one that promises you longer stronger hair?? Where do you start??

I suppose the best advice I can give is to do your research and know your own hair. Do you suffer from extreme breakage, and hair loss? Is your hair thin? Is is difficult to manage?? All of the above?

There is no magic wonder product but trying a product out and reading the ingredients can help you make that decision. Having the right products and a strong regime can make this decision so much easier. It also helps to alternate products every so often as your hair can get a bit used to a particular product after long term use.

I have found that anything with coconut oils in the ingredients has made my hair more manageable than shea butter. Jamaican Black Castor Oil has made my thin hair much thicker and helped stopped breakage. Also sticking with my regime for the last two years has been the most important thing I have done. This has worked for me but knowing your own hair helps alot!

Anyone suffer from this problem

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