Five Tips from 'Grow It Long'

Tip 1: Water is good for our Hair 
Water is actually really healthy for our hair.  Water is the best moisturizer for your strands and if you learn how to lock in the moisture from the water your hair will love you for it.

First thing in the morning have two large 10 - 16 ounce glasses of water before you even brush your teeth. Let that water go through your system for the next 20-30 minutes before you have breakfast. 

Tip 2: Routine
Create a monthly routine you can be certain that your hair is never neglected.  It also assures that your hair gets the right nutrients and care that it needs at the right cycle.
When you don’t keep up a routine of care you are relying on a random approach to your hair care.  Before long you have neglected to do the things which matter and suddenly start to see massive hair lost and hair weakness.

Tip 3: Don't Over Condition

Conditioning your hair is essential to any hair growth regimen. Conditioning adds much need nutrients to the strands.  
Some conditioners are designed to add moisture to your strands and those can be used to keep your strands supple adding more elasticity. 
There are also conditioners which are designed to add strength. Those conditioners should not be used very frequently.  Although they are designed to build up the hair they can also be violently 
damaging to your hair.  More than one application can leave you with more hair in your bathroom sink than on your head.
There are also conditioners which add nourishment to the strands.  They penetrate the strands so they add value from the inside out.  Whatever your strands may be missing can be added to give your
hair a healthy opportunity to grow.
1.) Be mindful of the conditioner you use,
2.) how frequently you use them and
3.) what you are using them for

Tip 4: Protective Styles - Braid Outs
Here are the steps:
1.) Start with clean hair

2.) Depending on your hair type you may start with wet hair or dry hair.  Someone people get a better look on hair that is towel dried. Others get good results with hair that has been slightly flat ironed.
While others get very good results on wet hair.  Experiment so you now what works for you.

3.) Get a good molding mud, or styling gel or Mousse.  Put a little through your hair.

4.) Part your hair down the center.  Then plait your hair in the way you would like the curls to flow.

5.) If you want small curls then about 8 - 12 plaits will do.  If you want large curls, then about 4-6 plaits will do.

6.) Give your hair enough time to dry in the evening.

7.) In the morning unplait the hair but try not get the hair too frizzy.  Separate the curls with your fingers and go.

Take pictures so you can see resutls and have something to go back to otherwise you will forget.

Tip 5: The Right Kind of Heat
You may already know that blowing drying, flat ironing and pressing can be quite damaging to the health of your hair.

Heat in general on a regular bases can case sever damage and breakage to coily hair.

With that said there is one form of heat that is VERY GOOD for our hair.

During the warmer months you may notice that your hair grows ALOT faster.  If you add the right nutrients to the mix and the right hair care maintenance then you have a fantastic mix of grow, grow
grow environment. What is really happening in the warmer months is that the warmth causes more circulation of blood to your scalp. More circulation means more nutrients are carried to the follicles giving your hair more growing power.

Always protect your hair from the sun with a good hat so that your hair does not dry out or burn out under the strong heat. If you live in a cold climate you can duplicate the effects of this warmth in numerous ways to get the added benefits.

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