Hair Update - March 2011: APL

March 2011 Before and After straightening and dusting

I think it is safe to say I am almost if not just at APL, which was my ultimate goal, I guess I will see how much longer it gets and post here to let you know. I haven't really been taking very good care of my hair this month and have missed a few mid week co washes. Also I have gone back to swimming so I should really be more careful and deep condition weekly. When I finally relaxed my hair at 12 weeks post relaxer (Olive Oil Challenges out the window - will try again this time round, but properly) I had lost a lot of hair, I haven't seen that much hair in the sink since I started my hair journey so I know I have been doing something wrong. Could just be stress, so this week I decided to do a nice deep conditioning treatment for my hair with egg and Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I also pre-pooed for 2 hours beforehand with jamaican black castor oil/coconut oil mixture.
When I was finished washing my hair 3 hours later, my hair felt much softer and even though a few strands still came out it was no where near the breakage I had been experiencing.  Hopefully if I keep this up over the next few weeks I can bring my hair back from the brink. Otherwise I will just have to start again. 

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** Empress D** said...

Your hair looks great! I saw your before pics and you really came a long way. The hair you lost during your last relaxer could have been shed hair. Sometimes I do my pre-relaxer prep which includes detangling a week before my relaxer and have a lot of loss hairs on relaxer day which are mostly shed hairs.
Anyway...your hair looks very healthy!
Off to research your regimen and techniques.

AfroDeity said...

Thanks for the comments. I really haven't been very good to my hair this month, so I kinda expected it. I also didn't do any pre relaxer prep. *slaps hands*.