Summer Hair and You

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Just thought I'd write down some secrets to taking care of afro textured hair in the summer months, particularly if its relaxed

Keep Hair Clean and Moisturise Frequently

Due to the heat from the sun the sebaceous glands on the scalp to produce more oils and sweat. As a result you will have to cleanse the scalp more often. Use a leave-in conditioner with humectants (attract and lock-in moisture) or natural ingredients. Use your leave-in conditioner daily and apply it in the morning and the evening. If you can use a moisturiser with UV protection.

You may find that you need to do deep conditioning treatments  and co-wash more often in the summertime as well.

Protect Your Ends
Apply a good moisturising oil on your ends to prevent split ends and dust(lightly trim hair) when needed. 

Use less heat on your hair

Give the flat iron, hot comb and blow dryer a break. Using heat on the hair removes moisture, so try let your hair air dry to reduce and prevent any further heat damage. Canerow you hair while its wet for a braid out and get wavy full hair. Also use a heat protectant if you need to blow dry your hair.

Wear Protective Styles

Braid outs are an excellent summer style.
Braids, cornrows, and twists. Wearing these types of styles reduces your need to use heating tools. See our posts on Protective Styles here and here 

Protect  Hair When Swimming at the Pool or Beach
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Chlorine can be very damaging to both natural and chemically treated hair and can lead to breakage and splits ends. To protect your hair use a leave-in conditioner or an oil. Apply it to hair before hopping in the pool. I use Avocado Oil to protect my hair from chlorine damage. This leaves my hair moisturized and protected while I swim.
Salt water can make the color treated hair look dull or even change color if hair is exposed frequently. Wash your hair with a color protectant Shampoo and Conditioner after splashing around in the ocean.
If you're taking a dip in the pool always your wash your hair afterwards. 

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Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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