Do We Judge Others by Their Hair?

When you see other people whatever colour they may be do you judge them by the way they wear their hair?

Do you think a natural sister is trying to make a statement? Well is she?
Or that someone with a bright red Rhinna style relaxed hair is trying to look white? Well is she?

"Good hair means waves or curls, Bad hair means you look like a slave"
"Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person"

Is his really what we think of ourselves? Do we think we are better than someone  else because we wear our hair natural, or more beautiful than someone because our hair is relaxed
To quite honest I dont really think that much about my hair and really just want to get through the day without having to think about it too much about it. For me the ultimate low maintenance hair stye would be just to shave it off.

I am a bit slow and behind the times and really not down with the kids as I actually hadn't heard this song before. It is a nice catchy tune and has a simple message. 

I am not my hair and how I wear it does not define who I really am. So dont judge me!

I guess I just wanted to say that we all need to make our own decisions about how we wear our hair, how we are comfortable with our hair. How do you feel about a girl wearing a mini skirt getting unwanted attention from men, should she cover herself up? Isn't that the same as saying a black man with cornrows will attract attention from the police, shouldn't he just shave it off. Think about it.

The whole argument reminded me of a case on 'Eli Stone' a smart prime time lawyery type drama on channel five. One of the main characters was representing a friend that was being sued by a young african american lawyer who he was not hired because he was black. This friend was also african american and had a problem with the fact that the younger lawyer had not conformed to white corporate america the way that he had had to. He mostly objected to his unkempt afro.

Most people get from this that the younger lawyer shouldn't have to conform to fit into the older lawyers world. What I get from it is live and let live. The younger lawyer shouldn't judge this older man either as he had his reasons and experiences for who he was and is now and his decisions. Likewise the older lawyer needed to understand that this young man was an outstanding lawyer and the way he wore his hair shouldn't even feature and doesn't need to anymore. I suppose that is what prejudice is all about really, our individual experiences.

Obviously our individual preferences about how we wear our hair are affected by those experiences and do affect us deeply... more than we probably even realise!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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