Gorgeous Natural HairStyles for the Workplace

There are still people that think that natural hair is not professional enough for the workplace and particuarly the corporate environment. I recently found an article on Essence.com which had the most gorgoeus hairstyles which I just had to Pin.

My two favourites

This on on CurlyNikki.com is how I would wear my hair to work when I was transitioning. So easy to do and can be put together in 10 minutes

Also found this list of video tutorials for some more elborate hairstyles on 
Nanci Emwai's Fashion Notebook for you to have a go yourself.

Do you have any natural hairstyles you would like share. Do you wear natural hair in a corpoaret enviroment. We would love to hear from you! Contact us at info@afrodeity.co.uk if you wouldnt mind sharing a few pics in your powersuit! LOL!

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