Six Extra Tips to Healthy Hair Growth

I didn't upload this picture to baffle you with science or anything, I just wanted to draw your attention to all those blood vessels that live under the skin and feed and surround our hair follicle. Everything that you put into your body good and bad is metabolised and will at some point end up in the blood stream. This includes both toxins and nutrients alike. 

A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. A healthy you, leads to healthy hair.

Apart from product regime here are six other tips to growing strong healthy hair.:

1) Eat a balanced diet
Introducing toxins into your body, will damage cells including those on your head. Eating a well balanced diet, limiting the number of toxins we introduce into our body is a good way to start on a healthy hair journey. See our post 10 foods to eat for healthy hair.

2)Get a good night sleep and Limit stress 
Stress can be very damaging to your physical health. More than you could ever imagine. I have personally experienced dramatic hair loss after changing to a more difficult job. Sleep deprivation can in turn result in you not being able to handle stress. It can be a vicious circle as the less sleep you get the harder it is for you to sleep properly and the more difficult it is to handle every day stresses. Train yourself to be calm in stressful situations. Try and get your 8 hours you will notice a difference in how much more easily you can handle stressful situations on a good nights sleep.

3) Exercise at least three times a week
Exercise increases blood circulation in the scalp help carry nutrients to the hair. Feeding the hair healthy nutrients that stimate hair growth.

4) Drink more water
Your hair and skin need moisture. If you are dehydrated so is your hair. If you have dry hair make sure to drink plenty of water.

6) Keep your scalp clean and unhampered
Reduce the number of products you use on your hair and check the ingredients in your hair products. Are there more chemicals than you would like to see. Keep a look out for healthy moisturising agents like avocado oil. Also dont forget Shampoo Roots, Condition Ends. You want to keep your scalp clean and maintain the condition of your hair strands.

Not really rules to live by but if you change your daily routine just slightly you might even like it and your hair will be the better for it!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity



Daily Health Tips said...

Good Tips as well I would like to include some tips to healthy hair, drink more water, eat healthy food, don't use too much heat on your hair, if you do use heat remember to put on heat protector. Deep condition your hair once a week or 2. Trim the ends once in a while...

AfroDeity said...

You are completely right! I should ahve named this post Six other tips to healthy hair growth. Apart from the regime and routine including trimming and moisturising there are other things you can do to help your hair grow. Not overusing heat is something I definitely agree with.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You