AfroDeity Castor Oil Challenge 2013

To coincide with Alicia's Big Chop on January 01 2013, AfroDeity will be running a Castor Oil Challenge in 2013.
Alicia will be using the Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil Liquid Hair Food for this challenge. The challenge will run for 3 months from January 01, 2013 until March 31, 2012. 

To Enter Comment and Share here

Please bear with us as this is first challenge we have run so if you have suggestions or questions please feel free to comment or email 

All races, all hair styles , all lengths are able to take part in this challenge! Protective Styles, Relaxed, Locs, Weave, Extensions, Twists, Braids, Natural,  please join us. Open to everyone, AfroDeity is based in the UK but we want to hear from everyone who is interested in maintaining their hair.
You can buy Castor Oil from your local beauty supply store but if you are after Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil we are able to supply you with a sample if you email us. We will be sending sample to our stockists at the beginning of the challenge so you can pick up a sample from these as well.

The great thing about Fountains Jamaican Black Castor Oil hair food is that it is perfect for styles like locs or braids as it is quickly absorbed and is not thick and greasy,as such it will not block pores and can be left on the scalp. This is also a bonus for all hair types as people with thinner hair strands may have difficulty applying such a thick oil.
How To Enter?

You will need to join the challenge by January 6th 2013. To do this you can comment here answering these questions or join us on Facebook and Pinterest.
1. How will you be using your Castor Oil? (Hot Oil Treatments, Sealing Your Ends, Applying to the Scalp)
2. What is your ultimate hair goal (Arm Pit Length, Shoulder Length, Mid Back Length)
3. Is this your first challenge?. If not did you keep up with the last challnege you did and did you see any results. 
4. What type of Castor Oil will you be using? (Jamaican Black Castor Oil or clear Castor Oil - Samples of Fountain available at AfroDeity and soon to be available from Stockists)

If you are on Facebook or Pinterest you can join us at these links. Any problems please email
Pinterest AfroDeity Castor Oil Challenge Board see Alicia's progress and catch up with others on the challenge.
If you have any questions you an email Alicia directly on to ask her about her Big Chop or for any other questions
The last day to register for this challenge is January 6th 2013
Comment and Share here

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