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The EU cosmetic directive is becoming a regulation and being updated in July 2013 and many UK brands are having to update their legal paperwork as unlike in the US to sell cosmetics in the UK & EU you must have certain paperwork to show that the products you are selling and their ingredients are safe for use. 
As a scientist and coming from a regulatory background, I am happy that we have regulations like this in EU. Something as simple as controlling the quality of a product between batches is important for the consumer.

Here is a great guest post by Modern Meid. We always find ModernMeid's writing thought provoking and interesting as she does not shy away from the more controversial topics. I, personally look forward to seeing more. You can find her on her blog  In Thought
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EU Regulations: We Have To Support UK Beauty Brands And Companies. 

A number of EU based hair and skincare distributors have announced that cosmetics from the United States that do not comply with the new EU regulations are prohibited from being sold in the EU after the 11th of July 2013. US brands that do not meet the regulations are expected to undergo further testing and list all ingredients in order to be deemed EU compliant. This can be a lengthy and costly process which may see some US brands not returning to the EU as the costs involved in becoming EU compliant (plus the distribution costs and taxes), would make the EU an unfavourable market to cater to. 

There is considerable hype around US brands getting introduced into the UK. We associate US brands (particularly hair products) with high quality and view them as potential ‘holy grails’. In fact, our love and trust for US brands is so deep-rooted that UK brands are often overlooked. 
Perhaps US brands have better marketing strategies due to the fact that they target a larger population in comparison to UK brands. Furthermore, the multitude of US bloggers and vloggers showing off their desirable results with the most beloved US brands inspires naturals abroad to add these brands to their wish lists. I was guilty of this mindset, however, I did eventually branch out and I currently use UK based brands. 

If a number of US brands terminate distribution within the EU due to their inability or unwillingness to comply with the EU regulations, not all is lost. EU regulations are put in place to ensure that products are legal and safe for our use. If companies are reluctant to comply with the EU regulations, then they do not deserve our patronage. 

Like US brands, UK brands can offer us the same high quality products and services but perhaps at an even more competitive price. It’s also easier to forge a relationship with UK brands as they are local and our feedback is therefore much more considered. Further support of local brands can also ensure that these brands can expand and be available in their own shops or local beauty supply stores and pharmacies, allowing us to save money by cutting out the postage and packaging costs.  

Lastly, supporting UK brands keeps money in our communities and allows job creation within our economy, which is really needed during this period of financial uncertainty. Charity starts at home! 

by ModernMeid

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