Curlvolution 2013: I am Amazing!

After I had completed the marathon of a journey to get from Cambridgeshire to London Docklands, I bumped into the lovely Pelumi of Care for Your Hair and her sis at the Royal Victoria tube station. I had no idea where I was going and they were kind enough to let me tag along. Up until that point I had been following girls with tails, and every samurai and ninja I could see in the crowded train stations because 'Comic Con' was in town on the very same day two minutes away from the Crowne Plaza which was the Curlvolution venue! My new found travelling companions were kind enough to wait for me as I got snap happy everytime ninjas from Naruto, night class students from Vampire Knight or a ginormous Mega Man robot went by.

After the excitement outside I was ready to enjoy my day out at Curlvolution. We were treated to several vendor stands with natural hair goodies lovingly made and an array of guests who gave intersting and insightful talks. The most amazing thing was that out of this natural hair movement a great community had grown both online and offline and right here in the UK. Both men and women had come from all over to country to support each other, collaborate and work together rather than against each other. This is definitely something that is missing in the black community.

Action Jackson 

The host of Curlvolution was Action Jackson a motivational speaker who really kept the day going and got us all involved. We were all chanting "I am Amazing" all afternoon and  he wanted to get through to us the importance of the power of belief in yourself and how much you can do if you stop making excuses, get up and just do it. Very entertaining and kept the flow of the overall day.  

Holby Peeps

Our first speakers were Jimmy Akingbola and Chizzy Akudola of Holby City. They shared some of their personal journey and experiences they had working in the media. It was refreshing to hear  from Jimmy his thoughts on natural hair. If you ever thought that men dont love natural hair, then think again. Chizzy also gave us some insights as to what it was like working in television as a black woman. Jimmy & Chizzy have been friends for years, they were both interesting and fun to listen to.

AfroBella in the House

AfroBella was just the most beautiful and down to earth person. Just so incredibly pleasant and nice to talk to and considering she just arrived in the UK and was probably jet lagged, you couldn't tell. She shared a bit about her story and the start of her blog and the difference in attitude between her and older female members of her family to natural hair. 

More Pictures from the day!
Belinda Raj from BeUnique: Love her new hair!

Vendors: Naturally Nourishing and Imanmade
Beautiful Entrepreneurs

Beautiful Textures 

Award Winning Stylist Charlotte Mensah and models

Dr. Hair 
(Dr. Reginald Mitchell Director of Education for Namaste Laboratories)
ORS Organic Root Stimulator Presentation

Although I did enjoy the talk by Dr. Hair I was slightly taken aback when he called bloggers ''LIARS". I understand what he was trying to say, that what works for one person might not work for another and that information from any one individual blog may not necessarily be well researched. I do think there were probably more polite words he could have used.  Aside from that the rest of his talk did have value and what he said did reiterate a lot of the stuff that I always say in posts. Generally please wash your hair ladies and keep your scalp clean. (This is a polite version of what he said, LOL!)

Curls Unleashed (ORS) Presentation

The two minute plank demonstated by Adura_O, fitness guru and healthy hair and natural lifestyle avocate. Also done by Action Jackson and blogger Naprika (well done girl)

Mother - Daughter duo from Root2Tip. Love them and love their products


Pic of me with Crystal Afro and Sugar Kinesis.
Manestream Beauty and Organiser Bukky with Crystal Afro

Bloggers who I saw from a distance or got to meet close up included: Cherished Crowns, CEFAC, Manestream Beauty, Naprika, Sugar Kinesis, UK Naturals, Crystal Afro, Patent Purple Life, Fusion of Cultures, Natural Hair Diary.

I bought so many products (possibly too many LOL- my poor bank balance) at the event and wish I could have bought more. I was only able to visit Naturally Nourishing, Imanmade, I love Afro, Sheadecadence and BeUnique. Will be visting the others online though and making my purchase:
Mane Divas, Ayamour, SheaButter Cottages, SuperFunkyme, Root2Tip and so many more!

Curlvolution rocked this year!! So happy to have been a part of it.

We left with the words "Be Natural, Be Blessed, Be Unique" curtesy of Belinda Raj @ BeUnique etched on our brains! and I really started to understand that I am Amazing and I can do anything I put my mind to.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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