Curl Hair Magazine Launches on Kickstarter

Curly Hair Magazine launches on Kickstarter

We aim to create an innovative new hair magazine for women with curly, coily and kinky hair! Putting UK curlies on the map! Be part of the UK's newest and hottest hair title Curly Hair Magazine by supporting the venture on Kickstarter.

Curly is a new hair magazine supporting and showcasing natural hair and beauty. It allows readers to search for the new trends, and best products to maintain and style their natural , gorgeous curly hair. Supported by the UK's most knowledgable and influential hair bloggers, writers and editors, Curly Hair Magazine is the  only title you'll ever need to bring out your natural beauty. We’ve answered the cries of every girl with natural hair out there - we're here to bring you more information!
If you want to see something new, fresh, different, intelligent and relatable on your newstand then help us kickstart our business - on Kickstarter!

You can sign up on the Curl Hair Magazine website to find out more about the magazine:

Check out the Kickstarter and help us get the donations we need here!

Sounds all very exciting! 

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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